Long Beach California, Crash on 4th and Olive 8-9-17

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60 seconds earlier this guy could have been us.

If you are wondering where that huge hole in the side of Ace Hardware on 4th and Olive came from, last night around 11 o’clock a car hit a motorcycle on the corner of 4th and Alamitos and tried to flee the scene but only made it one block before crashing through the side of the Ace Hardware store at 4th and Olive

Motorcycle hit and run on Alamitos and 4th, the car that hit the bike careened down 4th and crashed through the side of the Ace Hardware store. The driver and her passenger suffered what looked like minor scrapes, were arrested and treated on scene.

Drunk drivers are not unusual in our culture, and there was plenty of that in Vermont as well as Massachusetts, but here in Long Beach California is has a special resonance, as we are always walking or biking to places.… Read the rest