Privacy Issues with Apple and Dave Winer’s busted MacBook HD !

Found this morning on Slashdot. A story about a guy who’s MacBook Pro laptop had a hard drive failure. He went into the Mac store, they swapped out the failed drive on warranty, and guess what, they refused to return his dead drive. He left the store without the drive and now is concerned about the sensitive data on his old disk. Well, so would I !

I checked out the link and read the blog who’s name is Dave Winer, and I was amazed that someone with his experience could find himself in a situation where his private property and a great deal of code and ongoing work projects would be hijacked by a group of store clerks carrying out the will of Apple Computers.… Read the rest

FaceBook Fumbles !

Facebook Revamps Beacon Program Amid Protests

“Confronted with growing resistance to it’s new ad program, Facebook late Thursday said it would no longer publish information about users’ online purchases without their explicit consent.

The move comes nine days after activist organization launched a protest group on Facebook demanding that the company revamp its three-week-old Beacon program, which tells members about their friends’ purchases on other sites. MoveOn urged that Facebook not share such information without first obtaining users’ affirmative agreement. By Thursday, more than 50,000 members had joined the MoveOn group, dubbed “Petition: Facebook, stop invading my privacy!”

Facebook capitulated to the protesters late Thursday, announcing that it would require users’ opt-in consent to the Beacon program.

One major e-commerce player,, told OnlineMediaDaily it suspended the Beacon program on Nov.… Read the rest