So many things to talk about !

So many things to talk about !

And yet, so little time. I have been so busy as of late, with new clients, new sites and new campaigns. I am trying to to much in the realm of Viral and cross platform marketing.

Three new Clients stand out.

Doing an upgrade on Sam Kasten Handweaver’s site and the new product line Kasten Tibetans.

Margaret Roach and her turning her private philanthropy initiative to rebuild the schools of a indigenous Tibetan tribe in Nepal into a 501C3 in order to qualify for not for profit status and allow people who make donations to the schools and children the ability to deduct those donations. The site is called Open Your Hands.

Finishing up John Lipkowitz, the nature photographer’s new WordPress-Gallery fusion site, using Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme.… Read the rest

Google PR ‘comment spam on blogs’ attack thwarted !

Attack Of The Fake Search Results

A massive attempt to defraud search users was thwarted yesterday, according to the BBC. Hackers created thousands of booby-trapped Web sites that tricked Google, MSN and Yahoo search crawlers into ranking them very high. The hackers used comment spam on blogs to achieve the high results. The Web sites would come up in search results for terms like “Christmas gifts” and “hospice,” the report said. Users who clicked on these fake sites risked having their computers hijacked and their personal information stolen.

However, the attack was uncovered yesterday. “This was fairly epic,” said Alex Eckelberry, who heads Sunbelt Software, one of the firms that uncovered the attack. Eckelberry said tens of thousands of domains were used in the attack and that most were Chinese registered and hosted in the U.S.… Read the rest

Google mobile-It’s all about China

Google mobile strategy steals a march on rivals – China Financial Times 11.06.07

“Google vaulted past Microsoft yesterday by unveiling a long-awaited mobile strategy in a bid to speed up the use of the internet on mobile phones.

The plan, involving a new software platform for mobile handsets and a broad international alliance of more than 30 handset makers and communications companies, could prove a disruptive force to the economics of the mobile industry in the long-term, according to analysts.

Google’s success in drawing a wide group of mobile industry players to its technology marks a sharp contrast with Microsoft, which has tried for years to win support for a mobile version of its Windows operating system.”

It’s all about China – The USA and Europe are starting to take a back seat to the dazzling size of the Mobile Market in China.… Read the rest

Google Wireless Again

It’s official. ‘Android’ will be Google’s face in the wireless world. At least I will be able to save on calls to 411.

“At the core, Google is betting that easier consumer access to Internet services from their mobile phones will lead consumers to use its services more—which has been the case with Web access on the personal computer. The open model echoes Google’s announcement last week of OpenSocial technical specifications to be used by social networking sites and software developers creating applications for them.” Wall Street Journal

“Among the handset makers that signed on to Google’s initiative were Taiwan’s HTC Corp., Samsung Electronics Co. and Motorola Inc. Operator partners include Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel Corp., and Japan’s NTT DoCoMo Inc.”

Impressive line-up of companies.… Read the rest

Google Wireless: GPhone or Google Phone ?

Everyone has been waiting for this announcement, it comes as no surprise that Google is entering the wireless fray. Link.

From what I have read from the NYTimes article, it appears Google’s strategy is going to be brilliant, as usual. Rather than competing in the crazy wireless space, they are going to be building ‘open source’ software to offer ‘an optimized wireless Internet experience’. Google’s phone software is named Android.

“We are not building a GPhone; we are enabling 1,000 people to build a GPhone,” said Andy Rubin, Google’s director of mobile platforms, who led the effort to develop the software.

Android: The antidote for the ‘walled gardens’ of cell phone access to the Internet.… Read the rest