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First: duplicate content is bad, but there are ways to re-use your original content.

Best way to use existing content is block quotes surrounding excerpted content. Reference your own content on social media with links. For insistence, publishing on Facebook, you would write a new, original, compelling, relevant title, then link the post. Facebook will then pull from that link and auto publish it’s own excerpt. It is important for Facebook that the original WordPress post is illustrated with photography, so that FB will pull an image. FB posts with images get much, much higher rates of engagement than without.

Your Adobe account has some images I picked out to use, be sure to reduce the resolution before uploading into the post.

If you tweet a link it is essential to use hashtags. Do some hashtags searches on twitter to determine useful ones. In the case of HSS, avoid using original hashtags (ones you created yourself) as they will take up real estate and not be useful. Hashtag research is a bit time consuming but worth it.

Rather that ‘weave’ keywords in, build the paragraph around the keyword with relevant text. The days of keyword loading are long gone. Use a keyword as the core of a topic sentence, then write the following sentences with relevant information. It is really traditional essay techniques. Here is a link to some structural concepts that will help:

10 ways to develop expository writing skills

In a WP post format, your title is the most important SEO tool. If you write using the concepts above, you will be in the SEO zone.

Here are two files of research to use as a core for HSS content writing:

219 Keywords Analyzed 4-27-17.xlsx would be keywords to build paragraphs around
219 Keywords Analyzed 4-27-17

CPC Keyword Analysis 4-19-2017.xlsx should be used for post titles.
CPC Keyword Analysis 4-19-2017

Yoast’s SEO plugin, while a pain in the ass, when used properly will help create SEO gold. Using the tool can be tedious and time consuming, but the rewards over time are worth it. The Yoast training and SEO Plugin are very useful:

Yoast SEO for WordPress training

These are a core group of top keywords in your keyword space.

bug out bag
survival gear
emergency food supply
72 hour kit
emergency preparedness kit
survival kit list
emergency food storage
ice storm preparedness
emergency kit list
office first aid kit
emergency equipment
mountain house survival food
ready America
survival kit earthquake
road emergency kit
hurricane safety
emergency medical kit
survival food list
survival packs
emergency preparedness plan
72 hour survival kit
hurricane survival kit
basic survival kit
first aid kit checklist
bug out bag amazon
hurricane prepare

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