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Using WooZone ASIN Grabber you can easily create product lists while browsing on any Amazon website, export as CSV or simply copy / paste the list into the Insane Import Mode (already have a list tab) & import any number of products in seconds!

This is the most efficient way for you to choose products from any Amazon website! Works with,,,,,,,,,,,

As you might know, a keyword search does not work very precisely & fast, or simply doesn’t satisfy your needs. If you want to gather a ASIN’s list with exact items it might take a lot of time. That’s why we decided to develop an extension that will reduce your work to a minimum.… Read the rest

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Easy Amazon Links

Easy Amazon Links is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to create Amazon affiliate links and earn commissions as Amazon Associates partner. It’s a very handy and lightweight plugin. The installation is absolutely hustle-free and doesn’t even require API keys.

Simply enter your tracking ids and choose whether to use the built-in geotargeting functionality or not. Affiliate links can be created by placing shortcodes or simply using the editor button in order to link your keywords.

Easy Amazon Links

Amazon Simple Affiliate (ASA 2) is a plugin for WordPress which lets you easily and flexibly embed Amazon products in your pages. It utilizes the Amazon Product Advertising API and you make money with every sale that comes about your site.

After seven years of experience with ASA 1, ASA 2 has been rewritten from scratch.… Read the rest

Amazon Affiliates Plugin Research 6-29-17


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The Best Movies on Netflix Just Right Now – June 2017

The Best Movies on Netflix Just Right Now – June 2017

Well, it has been a long time since the last post on this website.  It shows where I am at these days, struggling to deal with my news addiction over the last 24 months and the astounding weirdness of the phenomenon called Trump, his ignorant, racist followers and the sociopaths of the GOP.  Gah

It has been such that I have not been able to participate in just watching TV shows and films as easily as I could before Trump became president. How can you casually watch a comedy, drama, thriller when your beloved country is not only burning, but being flushed down the toilet at the same time. There is an image for you.… Read the rest

The illusion of audience ownership is becoming harder to sustain

The best way to succeed on a given platform is to write/film/record/aggregate with that platform explicitly in mind.

The next thing you learn is that doing so makes that content extremely weird when taken out of context, which makes it incompatible with other venues.

A Vine video might work on Facebook, if you’re lucky, but a Facebook video probably won’t work on Vine.

Quizzes that explode on Facebook seem strange on Twitter.

A tweet might seem powerful and informative in the Twitter timeline, but look small and pathetic embedded in a website; a tweeted joke might do decently on Twitter but function better as a screen-cap on Tumblr, if at all.

The article or video or object that functions well across all contexts is either transcendently newsworthy or shocking—and therefore rare—or extensively adapted.… Read the rest

Legacy Films

StoryKeep specializes in conducting intimate interviews on film/video. They record and gather family stories to create personalized videos, books, and oral histories. Conversion of archival analog media (slides, silent films, and memorabilia) is one aspect of thier service.

Heirloom Lab – Tell Your Story
Very clean site, nice graphic landing page, nav is easy and unobtrusive.  Would be nice if could click landing page pics, but they’ve actually been created as a single image.  Solidly responsive display on mobile.  Could use more vid examples.  Ironically, it’s a SquareSpace site.

J&E Higham
Films and websites that communicate and showcase your vision
Good, clean site.  Feature vid big on landing page.  “Films” page easy to see at a glance what kinds of work they produce.  Well-organized, nice use of categories to offer related vids when viewing chosen vid. … Read the rest

Social Media Monitoring Companies and Tools

Crimson Hexagon
Crimson Hexagon is a leading provider of social media analysis software.
Critical Mention
Critical Mention continues to improve the media monitoring experience for its customers.
Meltwater media is an intelligence platform that montitors online conversations, extract relevant insights, and use them to strategically drive brand perception.
Sprout Social: social media management, advocacy and analytics software for businesses. Sprout helps brands communicate with customers on social channels.
Brandwatch is a social media monitoring company that is a “self-serve application” or software as a service, which archives social media data in order to provide companies with information and the means to track specific segments to analyse their brands’ online presence.
Curata is a content marketing software company that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence to power two software platforms used by to achieve marketing goals.… Read the rest

WordPress Research

We are a distributed company, democratizing publishing and development.

We are the people behind, which serves more than 15.8 billion pages a month, as well as a host of other popular services, such as Akismet, Jetpack, and VaultPress. We are strong believers in Open Source, and the vast majority of our work is available under licenses like the GPL.

Our team members hail from nearly every continent and 43 countries around the world.


This article is about the blogging software. For the blog host, see

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL.[5] Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015.[6] WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web,[7] at more than 60 million websites.[8]

It was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg[1] and Mike Little,[9] as a fork of b2/cafelog.… Read the rest

Social Media + Search Trends 10/3/2015 Research

Social Media + Search Trends 10/3/2015 Research. Some more monthly research I did in looking into new happenings regarding paid search, paid social media, Google tools, Facebook ad tools.

4 Red Flags When Hearing a PPC Agency Pitch
Michelle Morgan  |  August 3, 2015   |  5 Comments

Paid Search (Aggregate)

Improve the effectiveness of your paid search advertising program on Google, Bing, and emerging platforms. In this column, learn about changes in bid management tactics and other trends in paid search and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – and what they mean for your digital marketing program.

SEM (Aggregate)

12 Biggest Things To Happen In PPC So Far In 2015
New ad formats for mobile users, big tests for PLAs, and a new search deal paves the way to managing three search platforms.… Read the rest

H2 – Hydrogen – Climate Change and the end of the earth as we know it…

Arnold Schwarzenegger: climate change is not science fiction

Terminator star calls global warming a ‘battle in the real world’ that’s bigger than any movie, at the first summit of conscience for the climate in Paris

An energy expert’s love-hate affair with Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell Mirai

Toyota has had two hugely transformational technology plays in its history: just in time manufacturing, and the hybrid Prius. Now it is shooting for a third with fuel cells.

Interestingly, the same government institutions that helped drive the commercialization of hybrid and battery electric cars (the California Air Resource Board and Japan’s Ministry of Economics Trade and Industry) are also supporting the roll out of hydrogen vehicles despite the fact that there are huge gaps in the environmental, economic and infrastructure case for hydrogen.… Read the rest

Crowdfunding Clean Energy Research

Crowdfunding Clean Energy (NYTimes 3/6/13)

If you wanted to get large numbers of people actively engaged in helping to solve global warming, how might you go about it? For years, the main approach in the environmental movement has been to sound the alarm bell and implore people to consume less, switch to green products, recycle, and speak up to companies and politicians. It hasn’t always been an easy sell. However, if the approach of a promising Oakland-based start-up takes hold, there may be another line of action that could become available to ordinary people: directly financing renewable energy.

In January, a company called Mosaic, made a splash in the renewable energy world when it introduced a crowd-funding platform that makes it possible for small, non-accredited investors to earn interest financing clean energy projects.… Read the rest

Hydrogen H2 Research

Here is a whole bunch of information outlining aspects of the current state of hydrogen (H2) relative to now and going into the future.

A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses hydrogen as its onboard fuel for motive power. Hydrogen vehicles include hydrogen fueled space rockets, as well as automobiles and other transportation vehicles. The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy either

An energy expert’s love-hate affair with Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell Mirai 5/13/15

But there’s, one more element that Toyota believes is on hydrogen’s side: the business model. For in terms of business model, hydrogen fuel cells are relatively similar to our current internal combustion engines. Just like an internal combustion engine, fuel cells will likely be manufactured in-house by automakers.… Read the rest