FCC plan for open internet ‘perfect,’ Lessig – Chairman Julius Genachowski

“Preserving a Free and Open Internet: A Platform for Innovation, Opportunity, and Prosperity”

The fact is that we face great challenges as a nation right now, including health care, education, energy, and public safety. While the Internet alone will not provide a complete solution to any of them, it can and must play a critical role in solving each one.

And let us not forget that the open Internet enables much more than commerce. It is also an unprecedented platform for speech, democratic engagement, and a culture that prizes creative new ways of approaching old problems.

The lesson of each of these stories, and innumerable others like them, is that we cannot know what tomorrow holds on the Internet, except that it will be unexpected; that the genius of American innovators is unlimited; and that the fewer obstacles these innovators face in bringing their work to the world, the greater our opportunity as citizens and as a nation.… Read the rest

SeeMingLee !

“Continuing to push technology’s limitations to solve complex business and design challenges in powerful integrated ways” – SeeMingLee 07


photo © SeeMingLee

Who is this enigmatic man who seems to be everywhere all at once ? Since one of the main topics of my rather eclectic blog is Flickr, I think there is a good place to start. Link Pictured above is one of his breathtaking photographs of the Manhattan Bridge from his Flickr account, used slightly outside the scope of the Flickr TOS, just to keep you on this page. The hyperlink will take you to his account.

SeeMingLee is spread across a number of the social networks like I am, and I am impressed. He has harnessed the power of possibility, and I hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.… Read the rest

Chiens de Paille – Mon carre de bitume – Sako

I have a theory about French National Telcom, the rise of the Internet and the ‘lack’ of French content on the web. I find it astounding that one of the best educated and most intellectual countries in the world should be so scarce on the Internet these days, and I don’t think it is due to the french language.

“I think this was Chiens de Paille’s 2nd video released after they dropped their debut album “Mille et un fantômes”. Anyway, great track that ended up being in the 2nd edition of their debut album.”… Read the rest

L’encre de nos Plumes – Sako – AKA – Chiens de Paille

I read about this just a few moments ago on the NYTimes, and for the life of me, the ‘thing’ wouldn’t come up anywhere, putting in the words for search- ” “I’ll Kill Him,” by Soko ” . I had to drip down a whole lot deeper to find this video, posted on MySpace video.

One way or another, it is Excellent !

By the standards of the new “Jackass” landscape, traditional stardom, with its career building stations-of-the-cross, its rigid talent requirements, its “Entourage” shtick, seems clunky and out of step with a culture so much more fluid now that a hit record — like the recent Internet sensation “I’ll Kill Him,” by Soko — could emerge from a young French woman’s bedroom and MySpace page.… Read the rest

Social Networks vs. CRM

The question I have been asked lately has been, ‘How to monetize Web 2.0 ?’ I think that is the $64K question, and my take on it is two fold.

One: It’s a tough crowd ! These folks (me included) have high ‘Bull Shit O’ Meters’ and are skilled at not allowing themselves to be distracted by silly, irrelevant advertising. The ads being displayed on the page no only have got to be on point with the page subject matter, they have to be intriguing and relevant on the ‘lateral slide’.

Two: The Web 2.0 crowd, once you gain their trust is loyal to the extreme. It is back to the ‘No Bull Shit’, on point relevancy of subject matter and also a sense of irrelevant humor doesn’t hurt as well.… Read the rest

Eric Schmit CEO of Google on Web 3.0

Since my primary focus is on SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and when I look to optimize a web site, or a web page, I am looking at Google, then the rest of the search engines, I care about what Google thinks. Google accounts for over 88% of all search these days, so all I really care about in the search space is how the web page is seen by Google. Remember, Google does not publish anything about it’s technology, nor will it, ever. You can only glean this information through SEO experience, and listening to SEO professionals. So when the CEO of Google speaks, it is very important to listen ! … Read the rest