Re-Publish – The Pirate Bay: ‘Political trial of the decade’

The Pirate Bay: ‘Political trial of the decade’

The world has changed. Technical developments allow all of us to collect, store and share digitized information on an unimagined scale. The cost of storage, bandwidth and processing power is, for business purposes, essentially zero.

So the world has changed, and will continue to change. But it can change in two entirely different directions, depending on who lays claim to this fantastic tool.

On the one side, there is the public. Every human with access to the Internet has received fingertip round-the-clock access to all of humanity’s collective knowledge and culture. This is a fantastic leap ahead for mankind – much larger than when public libraries arrived 160 years ago, and comparable to how society changed with the arrival of the printing press.… Read the rest

Obviously it’s a Web 2.0 application because of the tag-based folksonomies

Dilbert Rocks Today ! (White People High Five !)

I will probably have to take this down, but it is so on point to what I have been involved with, I laughed out loud this morning when I read it in the paper. Right on point, most people who read this today will think Scott Adams was writing gobbledygook, but I know for a fact that this exists ! *LOL*… Read the rest

Eric Schmit CEO of Google on Web 3.0

Since my primary focus is on SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and when I look to optimize a web site, or a web page, I am looking at Google, then the rest of the search engines, I care about what Google thinks. Google accounts for over 88% of all search these days, so all I really care about in the search space is how the web page is seen by Google. Remember, Google does not publish anything about it’s technology, nor will it, ever. You can only glean this information through SEO experience, and listening to SEO professionals. So when the CEO of Google speaks, it is very important to listen ! … Read the rest is closing ! will be shutting down on July 31st, 2007.

I am no longer interested in supporting WordPress or WordPress MultiUser. Please export your posts and move to a new site. You can find a list of WordPress Multiuser sites located here. Please be sure that your new site is keeping up to date on their upgrades.

Please note that support is no longer offered for this site.

Please note that abuse in anyway, shape or form directed to me will not be taken.

Thank you for your understanding,

So I went and grabbed all the stuff I had written the site and threw them into this post. I tried to find out why he has decided to stop support. Guess the spam finally got to him.… Read the rest

Experiment in Social Networking and SEO !

This group is about Links.

Negotiating inbound and reciprocal links to websites, blogs, social networking groups.

A place to meet and fink others who want to have more links to their sites for the benefit of traffic, search engine optimizing, social networking and bringing awareness of the big wide world web to your door.

The benefit of reciprocal and especially inbound links is important. It is 50% of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) equation.

To understand how important links are to your site, blog or online gallery, download the Google Toolbar and ‘enable page rank’. Then you can look at how your site (or any site you are visiting) ranks relative to Google’s ‘Pange Rank Algorithm’ (Page is a misnomer, it relates to "Larry Page’ of Google and the primary Google Algorithm.… Read the rest