L’encre de nos Plumes – Sako – AKA – Chiens de Paille

I read about this just a few moments ago on the NYTimes, and for the life of me, the ‘thing’ wouldn’t come up anywhere, putting in the words for search- ” “I’ll Kill Him,” by Soko ” . I had to drip down a whole lot deeper to find this video, posted on MySpace video.

One way or another, it is Excellent !

By the standards of the new “Jackass” landscape, traditional stardom, with its career building stations-of-the-cross, its rigid talent requirements, its “Entourage” shtick, seems clunky and out of step with a culture so much more fluid now that a hit record — like the recent Internet sensation “I’ll Kill Him,” by Soko — could emerge from a young French woman’s bedroom and MySpace page.

She’s Famous (and So Can You) By GUY TREBAY NY Times

Digital Mona Lisa ? No. but a New Viral Hit ! Mirrored

I found this on YouTube and i thought the piece was fascibating. I am always keeping my eyes open to the opportunity to find and discover a ‘Digital Mona Lisa’

This is not ‘Digital Mona Lisa’, but is a a very interesting collaboration that is worthy of checking out.

A Battles collaboration with celebrated light artists UVA (United Visual Artists), produced by Warp Films (This Is England, Rubber Johnny, Dead Mans Shoes etc.).

Verizon – Shame on You !

Seen on TechDirt: Verizon Wireless To Hand Over Your Info To Advertisers Unless You Opt Out?

“Jeff A. writes to let us know that Verizon Wireless is trying to change its policy on what it can do with your calling record info. Basically, it sounds like they want to start selling it to marketers, so they had to change their terms of service. What they did was send customers a letter telling them they had 30 days to call and opt-out of this new plan to hand over your calling records, or you’d have automatically accepted their changed terms of service and Verizon Wireless could hand over the info to advertisers. Of course, many people will probably just see this as junk mail and toss it out, not realizing that they’ve just agreed to get a lot more advertising sent their way — and, more importantly, opened up access to (what they thought were) their own private phone records.”

I am totally appalled ! I have always liked Verizon, on some level. But releasing my private information to sell to marketers is just bad form.

Scum !

SocNetWrk – New Acronym

I just made this up, SocNetWrk. The time is 4:30pm on October 12 2007.

Yes it’s new, I just Googled it.

SocNetWrk is nowhere to be found. I just sent out a twitter to that effect alongside WikiSpam, which is from a twitter post that Tantek just twittered.

I have been writing out the words Social Network and Social Networking now in tags, and it is such a chore, I mean, really !

Attack of the SuperWorm ! ‘Storm’ Surge Growing !


I quote Bruce Schneier from his wired blog Security Matters goes into greater detail about the gathering StormBot Threat. I posted a brief riff about this Sept, 9,07 about the DDoS attacks on the the anti-spam, anti-phishing sites that track the activities of the online scammers and spammers, 419Eater and the anti-scam site Scamwarners.

This Bot-Net-Worm coordinated DDoS attack was very sophisticated in both how it went after these sites and why. Bruce Schneier has some excellent research and reveals some possible insight into the root of this attack, and some facts about the techniques of the programmers and social engineers behind the Storm Worm.

“Worms like Storm are written by hackers looking for profit, and they’re different. These worms spread more subtly, without making noise. Symptoms don’t appear immediately, and an infected computer can sit dormant for a long time. If it were a disease, it would be more like syphilis, whose symptoms may be mild or disappear altogether, but which will eventually come back years later and eat your brain.” Link

Semiotics vs. Semantics

from: Toward a Semantic Web

“At this point, nearly every Web designer that learns about microformats starts using them,” Tantek Çelik, chief technologist at Technorati and co-founder of Microformats.org, told InternetNews.com. “Because microformats require only some HTML authoring ability, millions of Web authors and designers are able to use them immediately. This is a much lower barrier to entry than many previous Web technologies, such as XML and RSS, which require the skills of a programmer.” -Tantek Çelik

September 21, 2007
Microformats: Toward a Semantic Web
By Sean Michael Kerner

Found on Twitter Microformat’s Twitter Account.

Meanwhile, I have enabled ‘Operator’ a Firefox Plugin created by Mike Kaply, and now, just the last few minutes I am surfing the web with it enabled, wow ! Kinda like the scene from John Carpenter’s 1988 movie They Live ! , Roddy Piper, putting the sunglasses on and seeing a new world, only this one is positive.

Really hooked now !

Tantek, XFN, Matt Mullenweg, and Microformats


XFN is an amazing concept, and after looking at the incredible Page Rank of these various URLs, and not a theoretical one.

I first heard about Tantek when someone posting a thing on Digg about putting the term ‘Tantek’ into Flickr’s search engine, and finding all these pictures of this Uber Geek looking guy with all these hot geek intelligentsia babes. It you looked at the photo stream from the search you are looking a some sort of geek-tech-babe-magnet.

So I made him a contact a while back, not knowing who the hell he was. Fast forward to about 8 months ago, when I discovered Blue Host through the recommended Word Press.org hosting lists, that let to the Open Source auto loader Fantastico, which let to the top of my head being blown off and finding myself slinging hosted Word Press blogs built primarily for the ease of use, CMS and ,most of all, the stunning indexing potential + power with the search engines. (ridiculous sentence there ;)

What is my point ? The point I am trying to make, is that, over the last 8 months, I have immersed myself in WordPress though building the things for clients. There has been some shift, a profound one, in my understanding of this emerging technology.

The word ‘Semantic’ for instance. Like the word ‘relevance’, which I never used years ago. Google changed all that, fer sure. Kind of like the word ‘obfuscate’, you never heard that one before the Bush Administration came to power. Semantic as it relates to HTML, CSS, metatdata and the deeper structures in the application Word Press.

GMPG Efforts , XFN and XFN 1.1 Creator. These three links are filled with some mind boggling technology as it relates to ‘relevant’ linking over the Internet. XHTML Friends Network (XFN) is such a pure concept, very interesting, for the ‘microformat’ is, and I am going to have to quote Wikipedia here, is:

“Microformats emerged as part of a grassroots movement[4] to make recognizable data items, (such as events, contact details or geographical locations), capable of automated processing by software, as well as directly readable by end-users.[4][7] Link-based microformats emerged first. These include vote links that express opinions of the linked page, which can be tallied into instant polls by search engines.[8]” Wiki

Tantek is one of the key players in this initiative,he is also one of the founders of Technorati and the whole full circle thing is pretty exciting. Matt Mullenweg, on the other hand, is the main man behind WordPress, and developed the first version of XFN Creator.


“419Eater DDoS’d?

We’ve had a report that the popular scambaiting site 419Eater and the anti-scam site Scamwarners are the latest anti-spam sites to fall victim to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Both sites are down at this time. Details are hard to come by, but there’s apparently been speculation that the attack originated from a Russian spamgang. ”

An interesting piece commenting on an underground virtual war happening over the web right this very second. The Denial of Service Attacks are apparently being launched by a humongous Army of Zombie Bot Nets:

“There have been reports that they have built up a botnet containing more than a million computers, not all of which are currently being used for stock and pill spam.”

Those organizations fighting the ‘good fight’ against spam and phishing scams are being taken down and off the grid right now as you read this post. Epic !