Girl Talk Rules !

OK – I have been so desparate as of late to find new music out there – since the radio is officially DEAD, and the RIAA has shifted it’s business strategy to suing the fans out there instead of producing decent music or bands – and iTunes has become cluttered with BAD POP and lame talentless fools – there seems to be missing, a place where one can actually finde decent new music. Look, I am working online and in from of a hot monitor 8 – 12 – 16 hours a day – I need a steady stream of ‘listenable music’ – Look, I am perfectly willing to buy music to listen to, it’s just that ‘the pulse’ of our kulture – Like when you were able to listen to the radio and actually discover great music, because some DJ would actually find something new at a club or a cocert, and place it over the radio so otheres could here – those days are long gone, dead Dead DEAD, killed by the greed and payola of the recording industry – sorry fior the rant here – it has just been vry frustrating – ure – when I hear something I like, I will go over to Itunes and buy it, but iTunes only lets you listen to 30 secs of any given song – and I like my music long – I like to listen to songs fer a while – I actually used to buy albums, then CDs at the records stores, until the recording industry started to create an ‘A’ an ‘B’ side, then lets the rest of the album go to shit – I am starting to sound like an old fart, but I mean, REALLY !… Read the rest

Daft Punk – Viral on Viral, Virally !

Recently Vimeo, a site that is a user based video hosting site has created the ability to create simple, fast and fun Tumbl blogs.

“A tumblelog is a variation of a blog, that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging. Common post formats found on tumblelogs include links, photos, quotes, dialogues, and video. Unlike blogs, this format is frequently used to share the author’s creations, discoveries, or experiences without providing a commentary.” from Wikipedia

Daft Punk found on a Tumlbr blog… Read the rest

Chiens de Paille – Mon carre de bitume – Sako

I have a theory about French National Telcom, the rise of the Internet and the ‘lack’ of French content on the web. I find it astounding that one of the best educated and most intellectual countries in the world should be so scarce on the Internet these days, and I don’t think it is due to the french language.

“I think this was Chiens de Paille’s 2nd video released after they dropped their debut album “Mille et un fantômes”. Anyway, great track that ended up being in the 2nd edition of their debut album.”… Read the rest

L’encre de nos Plumes – Sako – AKA – Chiens de Paille

I read about this just a few moments ago on the NYTimes, and for the life of me, the ‘thing’ wouldn’t come up anywhere, putting in the words for search- ” “I’ll Kill Him,” by Soko ” . I had to drip down a whole lot deeper to find this video, posted on MySpace video.

One way or another, it is Excellent !

By the standards of the new “Jackass” landscape, traditional stardom, with its career building stations-of-the-cross, its rigid talent requirements, its “Entourage” shtick, seems clunky and out of step with a culture so much more fluid now that a hit record — like the recent Internet sensation “I’ll Kill Him,” by Soko — could emerge from a young French woman’s bedroom and MySpace page.… Read the rest

Digital Mona Lisa ? No. but a New Viral Hit ! Mirrored

I found this on YouTube and i thought the piece was fascibating. I am always keeping my eyes open to the opportunity to find and discover a ‘Digital Mona Lisa’

This is not ‘Digital Mona Lisa’, but is a a very interesting collaboration that is worthy of checking out.

A Battles collaboration with celebrated light artists UVA (United Visual Artists), produced by Warp Films (This Is England, Rubber Johnny, Dead Mans Shoes etc.).… Read the rest

Busy Busy Busy…


I been busy doing all sorts of stuff online, from my Flickr account to checking out all the silly MySpace ripoffs out there. I was never a big fan of MySpace and it’s Spawn, YouTube anyway, I prefer Flickr. The cult of celebrity just makes my feel so ‘less than’, part of the grand conspiracy of ‘filling the god hole 1010 Amerika’.

That being said, and in the name of hypocrisy, I have now joined Linkshare, which you see the ads on this Tarky7 blog here. Traffic being what is is on the web, and the eclectic nature of this blog, there is little doubt I will get much traffic, but what the hell, I like the ‘blog bling factor’ anyway.

With that note I am going to formally introduce to my very thin, if not nonexistent audience to this here blog, Tarky7, two blog refurbishes I have just completed in the view of Music, House and Trance:

Rave and Remix and Hip MySpace ReMix both focusing on the music scene out there in the wide open ether of the web.… Read the rest

The Viral Thingy and Music on the Web


I got an email with a link from my friend Ross Von Burg to the very cool new video of Ellen Allien and Apparat’s Orchestra of Bubbles, Ellen Allien & Apparat – “Way Out” The link goes to a NYC hipster clubbing site called GBH.TV. Unfortunately the quality of the sound on video had some frequency issues, but the images and the music really put the hook in me. So much so, that I tracked doen the creator of the Video, a design group out of Italy called PostoDelleFragole. It was there I found a quicktime video of smaller, but better quality than the one on GBH.

I went to iTunes to buy a copy of the album, but, quess what, iTunes did not have it, so I tracked down the group out of Germany, Ellen Allien’s production company bpitch control.… Read the rest