Digital Ad Space on the Web is Not Infinite

Yellow Girl
Digital Ad Space on the Web is not infinite, as media buys are finding out for the 2014 elections.  A great article in today’s NYTimes by
Campaigns Find Ad Space Finite, Even on the Web

“One of the good things we’re seeing this cycle is it’s not even an afterthought,” Mr. Skatell said. “They’re coming and saying, ‘Let’s do digital,’ and then if there are constraints on TV, they’re coming back again and saying, ‘Let’s buy more digital.’ ”

In July, Robert Willington, the president of Swiftkurrent, a Republican digital marketing company that is working on Scott Brown’s Senate campaign in New Hampshire, purchased “a lot” of the available YouTube inventory in the state for future ads.

Swiftkurrent Republican

And in August, IMGE, a digital advocacy agency handling online strategy for Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS, snapped up all available YouTube inventory in Alaska for the final weeks of the Senate race there.… Read the rest

The GOP is responsible to it’s own self destruction

The GOP is responsible to it’s own self destruction, and here’s to hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

Over the last 4 years the Republicans have been the party of NO, have been completely hijacked by the ultra extreme right, and has successfully purged all the moderate Republicans from their midst.

Reason, logic and intelligence has left the GOP building. You have to look no further than who was running in the 2012 GOP presidential primary to realize that the Republicans are rudderless and currently have no real leader, let alone anyone capable of framing a vision for the future of this country.

Just look at the evidence this last fall, the GOP party platform as defined in the GOP convention 2012 is tone deaf to the desires + needs of the majority of the American Public.… Read the rest

I Voted this Morning !

I voted this morning in the most important presidential race in my lifetime.

I haven’t been ranting on this blog about the complex feelings that I have been having over the last 2 months, as the presidential race turning into a pageant of slime and cynicism – but it has been affecting me on a deep emotional level that I would have never thought possible. … Read the rest

Re-Publish – The Pirate Bay: ‘Political trial of the decade’

The Pirate Bay: ‘Political trial of the decade’

The world has changed. Technical developments allow all of us to collect, store and share digitized information on an unimagined scale. The cost of storage, bandwidth and processing power is, for business purposes, essentially zero.

So the world has changed, and will continue to change. But it can change in two entirely different directions, depending on who lays claim to this fantastic tool.

On the one side, there is the public. Every human with access to the Internet has received fingertip round-the-clock access to all of humanity’s collective knowledge and culture. This is a fantastic leap ahead for mankind – much larger than when public libraries arrived 160 years ago, and comparable to how society changed with the arrival of the printing press.… Read the rest

Blogging, Dictators and Democracy…

Who controls information, what does it mean, and how does that relate to the media of blogs.

New York Times reaches out to the blogosphere, or the blogoshtan and asks for news during marshal law and the news blackout of Pakistan.

“With opposition protests blocked by the authorities in Pakistan, is asking readers in Pakistan to help us report on events in the country by sending us eyewitness accounts of protests in photographs, video or text.”

Gen. Pervez Musharraf, president of Pakistan:

“I must remove my uniform and there should be a civilian government,’’ Musharraf told state-run Pakistan Television today. “Elections must be held as soon as possible, by Feb. 15 at the latest.’’

Benazir Bhutto, leader of the main opposition party, called it “yet another vague announcement.… Read the rest