Frank Schirrmacher, German Newspaper Publisher, RIP

Frank Schirrmacher
Frank Schirrmacher, German Newspaper Publisher, Dies at 54

How Powerful is Game Theory? Part 1 – A Satanic Game?
Ego von Frank Schirrmacher
The Elite Look Down on Democracy by Jens Berger and Hans Springstein
Wednesday May 15th, 2013 4:24 AM


The thought-models of the economy have conquered practically all other social sciences. The person in these models is a homo oeconomicus, a rational agent whose only drive is maximizing his benefits. In this view of the person, only an action with the driving force of egoism is rational. The rational action of individuals who must sell themselves on the labor market has an irrational moment. People carry out repressions that they cannot see because of the irrationality of the whole.… Read the rest

Merry Christmas from Tarky7 !


Merry Christmas from Tarky7 !

Here is a web based virtual Yule Log and a blessing from Tarky7 and the ether:

May 2008 bring you and your loved ones happiness, health, success, joy and world peace !

It has been less than a year since I started working with WordPress, building websites and doing Search Engine Marketing, and it has been a real blast ! Thank you for all your kindness and support !… Read the rest

Doris Lessing thinks ‘blogging’ is not writing !

I am with TechDirt on this one:

“Furthermore, as she goes on to lament a lack of interest in books as a necessary core for a new generation of writers, she mocks “blogging” which is actually helping more people write more than they would otherwise. It’s an elitist stance to suggest that just because it’s short-form and online it doesn’t matter. It’s also wrong. Studies have shown that students these days are much more comfortable writing — in large part because they spend so much more time communicating via the written word online.”

We are in a fragmenting culture, where our certainties of even a few decades ago are questioned and where it is common for young men and women, who have had years of education, to know nothing of the world, to have read nothing, knowing only some speciality or other, for instance, computers.Read the rest