Cooks Source ~ Breaking Internet Meme + Train Wreck

Update: More Cooks Source Fun !

The American Bar Association Magazine Steals Website Article, Tells Protesting Author She Needs Lesson in Public Domain

” This is classic: “To say this has hurt our business is an understatement. But worse, it is harming the very people we are here to assist.”

No sh*t Sherlock. And it’s all on your diminutive organization as you brought it on then fanned the flames with the non apologies.

The internet won. They beat you down like the plagiarizing thieves you are and you have the nerve to complain about hackers when you have no concept, no idea, no clue as to what a hacker really is?

I’m sure that I and others could accept the apology if it were born out the desire to do the right thing rather than being beaten into submission.

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Techdirt’s Mike Masnick Rocks !

Been following TechDirt for a few years now, and I believe he is square on the money on this one !

Techdirt founder Mike Masnick has followed the twists and turns of the digital music debate for more than a decade, offering some of the most prescient and lucid information and arguments on the topic anywhere. Today he tackles growing calls for a voluntary music-licensing scheme, pushed most recently by Warner Music Group to universities, that would basically allow file sharing by having ISPs impose a surcharge on all users to be paid out to copyright holders. (A version of this has been done before with blank media like tape cassettes in some markets, including Canada, but this would be a massive expansion of the idea.)

TechDirt and its; republish on Wired

Really excited to see this getting picked up by Wired, for it puts the discussion one step closer to mainstream media, which in the end is where it needs to head to have more people engage in a public debate at large.… Read the rest

In the destructive element immerse-psychedelic pyrotechnics !



The Life of Hunter S. Thompson. / By Jann S. Wenner and Corey Seymour

I am taking this moment to riff on Joe Klein’s review of the recently published biography of Hunter S. Thompson. ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ is a book that had a profound effect on the direction of my life. I spent one summer in the early 80’s living in that book due to the fact that there were no drugs to be had on the barren coast of New Hampshire at the time.

In many respects, the time could not be more timely for such a memorial to the giant of journalism. We are living in a period of great crisis for the media, a time of cynicism in which the need for visionaries who are not shills for global big corporate, who have the guts to steer through the difficult and dangerous waters of ‘truth’ and ‘freedom’.… Read the rest

Martha Stewart’s New Online AdNetwork

Martha Stewart is getting into the online ad network game. Bring the cache of Martha Stewart and related traffic from the MSLO publishing network, this could be a very successful strategy for blogs and websites whose content is narrow, deep and reflect a simpatico style and taste with MSLO.

“Advertise with Martha’s Circle!

Martha’s Circle — a collection of exceptional lifestyle sites and blogs handpicked by our editors — is the most reliable and efficient way to extend your campaign and interact with passionate, quality-minded consumers in a niche environment they trust and treasure.

We have direct relationships with each site and blog, so your campaign is guaranteed great placement, right in the middle of the most relevant content and communities. You can focus your buy around one or more of our four content areas: food, kids, home, and entertaining.… Read the rest