Mobile Google and Facebook Ad Research 3/10/15

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Brands Ignoring Local Search Are ‘Kicking Away’ the Opportunity Google Is Giving Them

Let’s talk latest change to Google’s algorithm. What types of business succeeded (with it); what types of data did it favor; what do these changes mean for the search industry?
It actually wasn’t as substantial an update as everybody reported, merely a continuation and amplification of the direction Google has been going in for the last three or four years. Pigeon largely benefited well-branded, well-structured websites. If you have a very strong brand, good brand recognition, and lots of brand name searches — you benefited.

In general, the update favored brands and hurt small businesses. That seems to be the initial data. We haven’t seen any substantial changes, although I do think there have been multiple algorithm updates since then that have flown under the radar where the quality of results have gotten better.… Read the rest

Google mobile-It’s all about China

Google mobile strategy steals a march on rivals – China Financial Times 11.06.07

“Google vaulted past Microsoft yesterday by unveiling a long-awaited mobile strategy in a bid to speed up the use of the internet on mobile phones.

The plan, involving a new software platform for mobile handsets and a broad international alliance of more than 30 handset makers and communications companies, could prove a disruptive force to the economics of the mobile industry in the long-term, according to analysts.

Google’s success in drawing a wide group of mobile industry players to its technology marks a sharp contrast with Microsoft, which has tried for years to win support for a mobile version of its Windows operating system.”

It’s all about China – The USA and Europe are starting to take a back seat to the dazzling size of the Mobile Market in China.… Read the rest