Mobile Google and Facebook Ad Research 3/10/15

surfing the dark wave
Brands Ignoring Local Search Are ‘Kicking Away’ the Opportunity Google Is Giving Them

Let’s talk latest change to Google’s algorithm. What types of business succeeded (with it); what types of data did it favor; what do these changes mean for the search industry?
It actually wasn’t as substantial an update as everybody reported, merely a continuation and amplification of the direction Google has been going in for the last three or four years. Pigeon largely benefited well-branded, well-structured websites. If you have a very strong brand, good brand recognition, and lots of brand name searches — you benefited.

In general, the update favored brands and hurt small businesses. That seems to be the initial data. We haven’t seen any substantial changes, although I do think there have been multiple algorithm updates since then that have flown under the radar where the quality of results have gotten better.… Read the rest

Science Fiction + Self Publishing Research

This is a bit sprawling, but it touches on the topics of a recent marketing conversation. The four authors listed here are some of the huge success stories, one very recent (Fan Fiction Writer) and the other three forged over the last few years in the crucible of Amazon by giving away their early work for free. Think of it as a ‘loss lead’ on steroids for authors.

The next series of links centers on science fiction sites, good reads, amazon + B+N top lists.

Some Research Links:

One Direction Fan Fiction Writer Gets Six-Figure Book Deal

Amanda Hocking

Hocking’s published work, originally self-published, consists of My Blood Approves, a vampire romance series; the Trylle Trilogy, which covers a teenage girl’s journey of self-discovery in an urban fantasy setting; and Hollowland, a zombie novel.… Read the rest