An impromptu State of the Web Address by El Zorro


“We’re experiencing a bit of turbulence from the side-effects of structural limitations inherent in centralized closed source system development model – beyond a point nobody on the outside really knows what is going on inside.”
El Zorro

Now by and large although i’ve never met them personally i believe that the techies working on flickr cal et al are brilliant and wonderful people – particularly the ones who openly give back what they’re learning to the community (ie Link && Link ). before rounding off about a sinister conspiracy theory you must also consider that the problematic these people are dealing with is immense (think : data volumes, storage, servers, real-time distributed databases, massive in memory ram cache, hardware and so on). implementing any new functionality to such a system requires a serious understanding of so much that even with the best due diligence and safety harness there’s always room for the possibility that something is not quite working out the way it was intended (especially if the messages between technical/commerical/executive) get confused in translation / implementation

what the likes of big clustered centralized sites like flickr, facebook, youtube et al are doing has never been attempted before so technically and to an extent ethically (in terms of the socio implications of globalized virtual cross border multi-cultural meme exchange systems) they are exploring the model and (hopefully with our participation) making up the rules as they go.… Read the rest

BlueHost down !

I went to log into my control panels to work on this and another blog this morning only to discover my new hosting company BlueHost was down. Nuthin like starting off your morning coffee with a side of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). I called tech support as well as wrote out a bitch email to the company. They responded quickly and I was appeased, but since I am moving a few domains over to this hosting company it represents a big commitment on my part. The fact that they got back to me within the hour gives me faith that they are investing in the future, but I have been down this road before. Only time will tell.… Read the rest