1-8-15 Search + Mobile Marketing Research

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Conversation: Where’s Paid Search Going In 2014? #smx #33A

Gagan: It’s the basics. Have good creative. Write better creative, and leverage technology resources to do so if you can’t on your own. Differentiate your brand.

Frank: Data and data quality. Look outside your budget, your existing PPC capabilities and make sure you’re optimizing the quality of your data you’re creating on your site.

core paid search 2014 market trends

Sepia Diver

2014 Digital Trends And Predictions From Marketing Thought Leaders


Top 5 Priorities for Marketers in 2015

Programmatic buying brings in the new era in online advertising
Tropical ParadiseProgrammatic for Dummies
Everyone says it’s exploding, but what is it?



The decline of the mobile web

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Google Sees Deeper App Content As Key To Mobile Usage

Thanks to Google, YouTube Is Now a Viable Channel in Any Social Media Strategy

10 Ways Google’s Hummingbird Will Shape Future SEO and Content Marketing

How will changes to Google’s rich snippets algorithm impact your video SEO strategy?… Read the rest

11-12-14 Search + Mobile Marketing Research

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The Brief History of Social Media

Slack: Be less busy

10 Ways Google’s Hummingbird Will Shape Future SEO and Content Marketing

More Insight into IgnitionOne’s Q3 2014 Digital Marketing Report

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Google and Yahoo have been changing up their advertising offerings in some pretty big ways.

How to Win in Organic Search: Tips from Google, Bing and Brands

Digital: As Mobile Grows Rapidly, the Pressures on News Intensify


Sorry Google; you can Keep it to yourself

Introducing Facebook’s Audience Network

Facebook Opens Its Mobile Ad “Audience Network” To All Advertisers And Apps

What is the cost per install of iOS app in Facebook’s new Mobile App Install Ads program?

pricing for mobile app installs



Facebook video offering

Premium Video Ads on Facebook

Estimated Total Conversions: New Insights for the Multi-Screen World


Google Display Network

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Google Display Network

pricing for mobile app installs

Google mobile ads get more clicks, less money

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)

cost of mobile ads vs desktop for 3rd quarter 2014
http://tinyurl.com/ncwtfcvRead the rest

Search + Mobile Marketing Research 6-9-2014

Google wants brands to fix the links in search engine query results that make people think they found the information, only to click and land on the mobile site’s home page instead.

From a desktop it’s different. The smartphone screen is too small. The idea to reduce the frustration of landing on irrelevant pages and help webmasters fix the faulty redirects requires something other than providing searchers with a preview of the page, similar to the way the engine does on desktop searches.


Facebook Ad Trends Show CPCs & CTRs Increasing

To analyze quarterly data in its historical context, an aggregate data set was built from the advertisers and partners who have been active on the Nanigans Ad Engine platform from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014.… Read the rest

Google PR ‘comment spam on blogs’ attack thwarted !

Attack Of The Fake Search Results

A massive attempt to defraud search users was thwarted yesterday, according to the BBC. Hackers created thousands of booby-trapped Web sites that tricked Google, MSN and Yahoo search crawlers into ranking them very high. The hackers used comment spam on blogs to achieve the high results. The Web sites would come up in search results for terms like “Christmas gifts” and “hospice,” the report said. Users who clicked on these fake sites risked having their computers hijacked and their personal information stolen.

However, the attack was uncovered yesterday. “This was fairly epic,” said Alex Eckelberry, who heads Sunbelt Software, one of the firms that uncovered the attack. Eckelberry said tens of thousands of domains were used in the attack and that most were Chinese registered and hosted in the U.S.… Read the rest

Google mobile-It’s all about China

Google mobile strategy steals a march on rivals – China Financial Times 11.06.07

“Google vaulted past Microsoft yesterday by unveiling a long-awaited mobile strategy in a bid to speed up the use of the internet on mobile phones.

The plan, involving a new software platform for mobile handsets and a broad international alliance of more than 30 handset makers and communications companies, could prove a disruptive force to the economics of the mobile industry in the long-term, according to analysts.

Google’s success in drawing a wide group of mobile industry players to its technology marks a sharp contrast with Microsoft, which has tried for years to win support for a mobile version of its Windows operating system.”

It’s all about China – The USA and Europe are starting to take a back seat to the dazzling size of the Mobile Market in China.… Read the rest

Google Wireless: GPhone or Google Phone ?

Everyone has been waiting for this announcement, it comes as no surprise that Google is entering the wireless fray. Link.

From what I have read from the NYTimes article, it appears Google’s strategy is going to be brilliant, as usual. Rather than competing in the crazy wireless space, they are going to be building ‘open source’ software to offer ‘an optimized wireless Internet experience’. Google’s phone software is named Android.

“We are not building a GPhone; we are enabling 1,000 people to build a GPhone,” said Andy Rubin, Google’s director of mobile platforms, who led the effort to develop the software.

Android: The antidote for the ‘walled gardens’ of cell phone access to the Internet.… Read the rest

Social Trends for September

This was an interesting item that popped up from my iGoogle feed, ironic, I never considered the personalized Google page to be ‘Social Networking’ but apparently in stats it’s considered thus:

Found on Tech Crunch

On the bookmarking side, in September Google commanded a 17.0 percent share of all Web bookmarking activity, followed by native-browser bookmarking (i.e., “Favorites”) with a 16.1 percent share.

Social Trends for September

Here are the trends for September. The first graph shows the evolution of the ranking for the top 10 social bookmarking services.

A comment excerpted from the addthis blog:

Steve Ballmer

October 15th, 2007 at 9:18 am

“Must I say it again? All of this “Social” stuff is just a fad, a passing fancy, bellbottoms, flattops, Mac computers, ….… Read the rest

SocNetWrk – New Acronym

I just made this up, SocNetWrk. The time is 4:30pm on October 12 2007.

Yes it’s new, I just Googled it.

SocNetWrk is nowhere to be found. I just sent out a twitter to that effect alongside WikiSpam, which is from a twitter post that Tantek just twittered.

I have been writing out the words Social Network and Social Networking now in tags, and it is such a chore, I mean, really !… Read the rest

William Burroughs Auto Text Bot or The Anti-Google !

I have a lot of blogs these days, to test out the medium, play around, test SEO in real time. I have been plating with some of my incoming spam from my spam folder, marveling at how the spammers have been creating amazing ‘quasi-text’, that reads quite well. There is some internal logic that the spammers have hit on, mining text form the entire internet and running it through some sort of ‘Anti-Google’, a text ‘blender’ as you will that grabs random text from all over the web and ‘blenderizes’ it into a strangely coherent form. I have been trying to achieve this, and failing miserably. In my search for an effective ‘Anti-Google’ I found this: Link


“Taking their inspiration from the philosophy of sampling, William Burroughs’ cut-up technique, Jeff Noon’s “Cobralingus” project and too many long nights spent on music mixing desks, art-text-terrorists the Lazarus Corporation have created an online mixing desk – for writing.… Read the rest