Kirk, Bones and Spock + The Human Condition

Kirk, Bones and Spock Star Trek

The relationship between the Captain Kirk, Science Officer Spock and the Medical Officer McCoy is central to the original Star Trek. Kirk as the key figure in the myth is constantly balancing his decisions based on positions of Spock and McCoy.

Spock, representing the pure thinking part of us, is cold and logical, sometimes appearing inhumane to those disagreeing with his difficult life or death decisions. His position is occasional shown correct.

McCoy, representing the pure feeling part of us, is a true Humanist and Humanitarian setting life above all else.

Kirk mediates between the two men and bi-polar extremes of the psychological drama.

Symbolically, without Kirk present, Mc Coy and Spock argue constantly.

McCoy views the Vulcan’s logic as ruthlessly utilitarian and loses the fact that Spock has saved his life and other lives many times.… Read the rest

Someone asked me “The Benefits of On-line Social Networking ?”

Seeing Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Orkut, Flickr simply as marketing devices misses the point on many different levels. Web2.0 is less about networking and more about online communities. There is tremendous potential in this, but also many pitfalls.

The only way to get traction from the WOM potential is to the spend time not only getting familiar with the causal lexicon and unspoken rules, but to achieve a certain amount of ‘immersion’ through the experience.

You need to make a commitment to reach out to other members of the community, to get involved, establish your online ‘street cred’, gain trust and make a few real friends through this process. The last thing you want is to be seen as a social network ‘spammer’ – using the access to many different people who share interests to send un-wanted spam.… Read the rest

JPG Magazine closing it’s doors – erg !

JPG was a breakthrough, breakout magazine, and it will be used as a guide and a template for other future initiatives as we go forward into the uncharted territory of this ‘new age’ of photography.

Links to active discussions on and about JPG magazine below the fold.


JPG mag has come out of the photographic revolution that is happening here and now, where people are discovering photography though the availability of relatively inexpensive digital SLRs and point and shoots.

The ease of use, the low cost of no film, and the advent of ‘web2.0’ photo sharing sites like Flickr – one of the first ‘web2.0’ social networks using the power of server based site apps, is revolutionizing photography.

I have portfolios filled with tear sheets of my published work, and can say without a blink that one of my proudest moments in recent time was when I saw my work published in JPG magazine.… Read the rest

Merry Christmas from Tarky7 !


Merry Christmas from Tarky7 !

Here is a web based virtual Yule Log and a blessing from Tarky7 and the ether:

May 2008 bring you and your loved ones happiness, health, success, joy and world peace !

It has been less than a year since I started working with WordPress, building websites and doing Search Engine Marketing, and it has been a real blast ! Thank you for all your kindness and support !… Read the rest

An impromptu State of the Web Address by El Zorro


“We’re experiencing a bit of turbulence from the side-effects of structural limitations inherent in centralized closed source system development model – beyond a point nobody on the outside really knows what is going on inside.”
El Zorro

Now by and large although i’ve never met them personally i believe that the techies working on flickr cal et al are brilliant and wonderful people – particularly the ones who openly give back what they’re learning to the community (ie Link && Link ). before rounding off about a sinister conspiracy theory you must also consider that the problematic these people are dealing with is immense (think : data volumes, storage, servers, real-time distributed databases, massive in memory ram cache, hardware and so on). implementing any new functionality to such a system requires a serious understanding of so much that even with the best due diligence and safety harness there’s always room for the possibility that something is not quite working out the way it was intended (especially if the messages between technical/commerical/executive) get confused in translation / implementation

what the likes of big clustered centralized sites like flickr, facebook, youtube et al are doing has never been attempted before so technically and to an extent ethically (in terms of the socio implications of globalized virtual cross border multi-cultural meme exchange systems) they are exploring the model and (hopefully with our participation) making up the rules as they go.… Read the rest

NOCD ! (Not Our Class Dear)

I just have to laugh, I had no idea. ‘Darling, can you pass the grey pupon ?’

Way Too Good for Facebook or MySpace?
For the rich and well-connected who don’t want to rub elbows with those who aren’t, exclusive social networks pledge to keep out the riff-raff

by Catherine Holahan
Roger Allen Conner Jr. has little use for the common folk who frequent MySpace (NWS) and Facebook—you know, the clubs anyone can join. “A lot of social-networking sites are very low-quality,” says Conner, the 22-year-old founder of a North Carolina consulting firm named SiloIQ. “The type of individuals that are on these social-networking sites are generally not well-networked themselves.”

Not even a business-oriented network like LinkedIn will do. To put it bluntly, Conner wants powerful friends: the kind of people who board private jets after cutting business deals.… Read the rest

The Viral Thingy and Music on the Web


I got an email with a link from my friend Ross Von Burg to the very cool new video of Ellen Allien and Apparat’s Orchestra of Bubbles, Ellen Allien & Apparat – “Way Out” The link goes to a NYC hipster clubbing site called GBH.TV. Unfortunately the quality of the sound on video had some frequency issues, but the images and the music really put the hook in me. So much so, that I tracked doen the creator of the Video, a design group out of Italy called PostoDelleFragole. It was there I found a quicktime video of smaller, but better quality than the one on GBH.

I went to iTunes to buy a copy of the album, but, quess what, iTunes did not have it, so I tracked down the group out of Germany, Ellen Allien’s production company bpitch control.… Read the rest

Experiment in Social Networking and SEO !

This group is about Links.

Negotiating inbound and reciprocal links to websites, blogs, social networking groups.

A place to meet and fink others who want to have more links to their sites for the benefit of traffic, search engine optimizing, social networking and bringing awareness of the big wide world web to your door.

The benefit of reciprocal and especially inbound links is important. It is 50% of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) equation.

To understand how important links are to your site, blog or online gallery, download the Google Toolbar and ‘enable page rank’. Then you can look at how your site (or any site you are visiting) ranks relative to Google’s ‘Pange Rank Algorithm’ (Page is a misnomer, it relates to "Larry Page’ of Google and the primary Google Algorithm.… Read the rest

My Statement on my Flickr ‘No Censorship’ post


Wow ! What fun !

If the subject wasn’t so important, I would say this has become an artists party !

But Flickr’s censorship and the heavy handed and Machiavellian attitude has made the situation both a danger and a public relations disaster !

It has been an experience traveling so quickly around the world to visit many many streams that I would not have ever seen before.

The people of Flickr are an amazing collection of talents and intellects. Please do not leave this community, there is real power here, a strong and growing voice and global network which could change many things by focusing some of the passion of the last week to solve important issues.

The Internet must remain FREE ! There are many powers across the Globe that are threatened by an open World Wide Web.… Read the rest