JPG Magazine closing it’s doors – erg !

JPG was a breakthrough, breakout magazine, and it will be used as a guide and a template for other future initiatives as we go forward into the uncharted territory of this ‘new age’ of photography.

Links to active discussions on and about JPG magazine below the fold.


JPG mag has come out of the photographic revolution that is happening here and now, where people are discovering photography though the availability of relatively inexpensive digital SLRs and point and shoots.

The ease of use, the low cost of no film, and the advent of ‘web2.0’ photo sharing sites like Flickr – one of the first ‘web2.0’ social networks using the power of server based site apps, is revolutionizing photography.

I have portfolios filled with tear sheets of my published work, and can say without a blink that one of my proudest moments in recent time was when I saw my work published in JPG magazine.… Read the rest

An impromptu State of the Web Address by El Zorro


“We’re experiencing a bit of turbulence from the side-effects of structural limitations inherent in centralized closed source system development model – beyond a point nobody on the outside really knows what is going on inside.”
El Zorro

Now by and large although i’ve never met them personally i believe that the techies working on flickr cal et al are brilliant and wonderful people – particularly the ones who openly give back what they’re learning to the community (ie Link && Link ). before rounding off about a sinister conspiracy theory you must also consider that the problematic these people are dealing with is immense (think : data volumes, storage, servers, real-time distributed databases, massive in memory ram cache, hardware and so on). implementing any new functionality to such a system requires a serious understanding of so much that even with the best due diligence and safety harness there’s always room for the possibility that something is not quite working out the way it was intended (especially if the messages between technical/commerical/executive) get confused in translation / implementation

what the likes of big clustered centralized sites like flickr, facebook, youtube et al are doing has never been attempted before so technically and to an extent ethically (in terms of the socio implications of globalized virtual cross border multi-cultural meme exchange systems) they are exploring the model and (hopefully with our participation) making up the rules as they go.… Read the rest

SeeMingLee !

“Continuing to push technology’s limitations to solve complex business and design challenges in powerful integrated ways” – SeeMingLee 07


photo © SeeMingLee

Who is this enigmatic man who seems to be everywhere all at once ? Since one of the main topics of my rather eclectic blog is Flickr, I think there is a good place to start. Link Pictured above is one of his breathtaking photographs of the Manhattan Bridge from his Flickr account, used slightly outside the scope of the Flickr TOS, just to keep you on this page. The hyperlink will take you to his account.

SeeMingLee is spread across a number of the social networks like I am, and I am impressed. He has harnessed the power of possibility, and I hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.… Read the rest

OMG ! NFK ! No Future Krew !

No Future Krew from Steve Nemsick on Vimeo.

These guys take it all the way ! I found Motoyan through one of my Flickr contacts, and these guys are just Outta Kontrol !

Confirmed New Viral Madness on YouTube. These guys are SERIOUS !

Tokyo bikers tear the stripes off the streets. No Future Krew is a group of bikers that puts all the B.S. aside to ride.

youtube link

flickr link … Read the rest

Experiment in Social Networking and SEO !

This group is about Links.

Negotiating inbound and reciprocal links to websites, blogs, social networking groups.

A place to meet and fink others who want to have more links to their sites for the benefit of traffic, search engine optimizing, social networking and bringing awareness of the big wide world web to your door.

The benefit of reciprocal and especially inbound links is important. It is 50% of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) equation.

To understand how important links are to your site, blog or online gallery, download the Google Toolbar and ‘enable page rank’. Then you can look at how your site (or any site you are visiting) ranks relative to Google’s ‘Pange Rank Algorithm’ (Page is a misnomer, it relates to "Larry Page’ of Google and the primary Google Algorithm.… Read the rest

My Statement on my Flickr ‘No Censorship’ post


Wow ! What fun !

If the subject wasn’t so important, I would say this has become an artists party !

But Flickr’s censorship and the heavy handed and Machiavellian attitude has made the situation both a danger and a public relations disaster !

It has been an experience traveling so quickly around the world to visit many many streams that I would not have ever seen before.

The people of Flickr are an amazing collection of talents and intellects. Please do not leave this community, there is real power here, a strong and growing voice and global network which could change many things by focusing some of the passion of the last week to solve important issues.

The Internet must remain FREE ! There are many powers across the Globe that are threatened by an open World Wide Web.… Read the rest

Open letter to Flickr Staff (Stewart & other members)

Dear All,

First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful time i have had at flickr the last couple of months. It is an incredible initiative and i can not express the respect I have for you that you have been able to make Flickr such a beautiful place on the web. It is a beautiful gift (i’m not a paying member, yet)
However. Freedom, Freedom of mind, speech and any other form of freedom you can think of, is the greatest gift I have ever received apart maybe from love & life (as difficult as it sometimes is).
The updates so far on the matter concerning Censor ‘problems’ of Germany, Singapore & Hong Kong have not been satisfactory at all. Frankly, they (almost) seem to insult the intelligence of the average flickr member.… Read the rest

Flickr Censorship in Germany


The stakes are really not high enough for people really involved with any Flickr community to drop out of Flickr.

It has become like NYC. Sure New York 9 million people, but if you live and work in NYC for any length of time you only really are hanging out with a small subgroup of people that is connected to other small groups.

Over the last couple of years, as Flickr has been toted as one of the key examples of a ‘mature / adult (not porn, not my space)’ example of the Web 2.0 Folksonomy, there have been thousands of of these small groups over users creating groups within groups.

The last round of Censorship in the Flickr Community I jumped in and spent weeks being involved with my little groups, forming ‘Groups’ against the Tyranny of Flickr under Yahoo, yada yada yada.… Read the rest

Freinds and Other Web 2.0 Things

Some of mu recent blogs and friends across the Web. I have been creating WordPress Blogs with my fiends Mickey and JC. I suppose SEO boils down to a certain amount of shameless self promotion, but that is marketing for ya !

Some of my Faves:

Shhexy Corin Rocks !
Shhexxy Corin On Flickr
Billy Warhol
Church Street Art Blog
Jericho Valley Inn
Kit Latham’s Blog
Kit Latham Photography
Kit Latham on Flickr
Penguins United
SEO / SEM Marketing
Berkshire Web WizardsRead the rest

Jesus in the land of Goth…

Posted here on Flickr:

Haiti, Tunisia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Laos, Cambodia, Iran, Lebanon …

I don’t think I need to go any further with this list, you get the picture. We are not what we seem to be on the Internet, and I did many things before I ever picked up a camera.

The drive to find beauty in this life has it’s source in many places in the heart. Often it comes from seeing too many terrible things and a desire to create a visual gratitude list as a reminder of things that are now, not things that were then.

I think you misunderstand me Steve, and for that I must apologize. There are many different worlds in this ‘reality’ of ours, most of the time created in the minds of those that see.… Read the rest

Flickr Filtering Trouble…

A response written on Gail Orenstien’s Flickr Blog:

Awesome data, Gail. d_nurv sent me a link to this page and the resulting discussion is also eye opening. I appreciate and understand the issue here.

There are many factors involved, some relative to the ‘walled garden’ approach to internet access, and others to create G rated ‘walled gardens’ Disney’s new website was lambasted by critics uopn it’s recent launch as being too restrictive
and yet those restrictions designed to make it ‘kid and family’ friendly has created great success.

I think Flickr is trying to search for a system that can allow for both G rating as well as ‘adult’, a difficult proposition in this Wild West of new Social Networking. There are alway going to me those elements that ‘game’ the system.… Read the rest