So how’s that “Trickle Down” working?

wealth will trickle down

On Jan. 1, Social Security payroll taxes rose 2 percentage points after a temporary tax cut expired. That sliced about $1,000 from the annual take-home pay of a household earning $50,000.

Isn’t that what these companies have been asking for? Make all those “entitled” people in the working class who want “government hand outs” pay more so we can protect the tax cuts for the super wealthy CEO’s of these same companies.

So how’s that “Trickle Down” working? Not enough “Trickle Down” to keep your customers coming in? Maybe you can do like Papa John and raise the price of your products and put all your employees on part time to decrease their benefits, let them go on Medicaid., but whatever you do don’t decrease your profits and don’t give the workers anymore spending power.… Read the rest

Time to wake up…

On the eve of the swearing in of President Obama, I have been taking stock on what I call ‘The Online World’ and my role.

LOL – as if I really have any role, more likely that of a virtual lizard, skittering across a virtual rock, my tiny talons scrabbling for purchase as I slide down the rock face, into the abyss.

I have excellent impulses, but I am easily distracted, and I find myself doing a great deal of triage, working with wacky open source products. I have finally found a couple of hard core PHP/SQL playahs who kin help me stem the times of malware and teenage defacers, but the tide I find myself surfing these days ends up being a bit too bleeding edge for my liking.… Read the rest

Techdirt’s Mike Masnick Rocks !

Been following TechDirt for a few years now, and I believe he is square on the money on this one !

Techdirt founder Mike Masnick has followed the twists and turns of the digital music debate for more than a decade, offering some of the most prescient and lucid information and arguments on the topic anywhere. Today he tackles growing calls for a voluntary music-licensing scheme, pushed most recently by Warner Music Group to universities, that would basically allow file sharing by having ISPs impose a surcharge on all users to be paid out to copyright holders. (A version of this has been done before with blank media like tape cassettes in some markets, including Canada, but this would be a massive expansion of the idea.)

TechDirt and its; republish on Wired

Really excited to see this getting picked up by Wired, for it puts the discussion one step closer to mainstream media, which in the end is where it needs to head to have more people engage in a public debate at large.… Read the rest

Net Neutrality Heats up again in the wave of recent events.

Comcast throttling bandwidth form P2P networks, Verizon censoring political text messages, I guess the Telcos will never change. trying to hang on to an old dying business model in the wake of the emergence of companies like Google, Flickr, Facebook, eBay, etc.

If the AT&T, Verizon and Comcast get there way, this will be the future tiered pricing of the Web: (from a graphic found floating around the Internet. If you know who created this, please email me)


Jim, if you are out there and find you posted comment ‘reprinted’ here, drop me an email. I have not read anything anywhere over the last year on Net Neutrality that is as clear and direct with a historical context as this. I would love that info to attribute, Thank you.… Read the rest