So many things to talk about !

So many things to talk about !

And yet, so little time. I have been so busy as of late, with new clients, new sites and new campaigns. I am trying to to much in the realm of Viral and cross platform marketing.

Three new Clients stand out.

Doing an upgrade on Sam Kasten Handweaver’s site and the new product line Kasten Tibetans.

Margaret Roach and her turning her private philanthropy initiative to rebuild the schools of a indigenous Tibetan tribe in Nepal into a 501C3 in order to qualify for not for profit status and allow people who make donations to the schools and children the ability to deduct those donations. The site is called Open Your Hands.

Finishing up John Lipkowitz, the nature photographer’s new WordPress-Gallery fusion site, using Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme.… Read the rest


I just read some of the stuff I have been writing relative to SEO, Search things in General and I had this sudden realization that: Perhaps no-one has a clue as to what I am talking about.

I was on the phone today with a client about his Google Adwords Campaign that I built and am getting off the ground, and it dawned on me after I hung up the phone that the man was making noises like he understood what I was talking about, but he was lying to me. No Idea, What so-ever. Perhaps I should just tell the results, the cost, the time, and leave all the rest a mystery.

Yeah, That’s me, Mystery Man !… Read the rest

Educating the client about SEO. When is it too much…

I just got an email from a new client of mine for which I did some preliminary consulting work. I gotta say that the education curve for SEO is difficult ! There is an area that verges on too much information, and I have yet to learn what that is. I guess it falls under the ‘learn to keep my mouth shut’ banner, which is a lesson I need to learn on a number of different levels.

Hopefully, this round of education will lead to something. More will be revealed.… Read the rest

Learning about Outsider Art

It is a vague concept. What is outsider art. Outsider art in the recent past was more about artists who created work in circumstances removed from the influence of the mainstream of society, much like the people found in Appalachia who has been cut off from society by the geography of rugged mountains and inaccessible box valleys (Hollows).

I remember hearing songs from these isolated peoples, the old English speech inflections preserved in purer form that could be found in England.

Micheal Ulick, the one of the gallery owners of ChurchStreetArt in Lenox Massachusetts, commented to me the other day how finding ‘true’ outsider artists was maybe no longer possible, due the the intense influence that the current media saturation was having on the American Culture.… Read the rest