Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, we hardley knew ye !

A relevant quote from the ether, found though Flickr:

“I’m done with Facebook. I’ve never really seen the value in it (except Scrabulous, perhaps) and I am getting increasingly uneasy about handing over so much information to them. The recent Beacon debacle was revelatory.

So I’m saying goodbye. I do sincerely hope that all 201 of my friends will continue to be my friends — you know where to find me! Please invite me to your parties via good ol’ fashioned email (I also accept phone calls); we can compare relative hotness and trivia knowledge in real life.

As it turns out, you can only *deactivate* your account on your own. An email to customer service revealed how to fully delete it from their servers:

“If you want your information removed from our servers, we can do this for you.… Read the rest

Tarky7.com under attack from Poland !

I think I am up to about 200 registered users as of late from various URL’s located in Poland. Since I am pretty active online and respond to alerts from various blogs and websites, mine and my clients, I am able to respond fairly quickly when it comes to invaders from the deep ether.

action webmaster@action.pl
cowabunga seo@intelinstal.pl
dk2007 dk2007@o2.pl
globaltc m.stankiewicz@globaltc.eu
hala1945 woojciechk@o2.pl
iguana deio@o2.pl
intelinstal spamiarnia@gmail.com
jakim ja-kim@02.pl
marti_hi666 mr230261@tenbit.pl
mat230_111 rox_1990@o2.pl
molo presbloger@interia.eu
neidi neidi@poczta.fm
spamiarnia2 spamiarnia2@gmail.com

Just a sample of some of the recent user registrations I have received and deleted. Now, I am not sure what the appeal was that started these various Poles to start targeting “Nom De Guerre’ for this. I have a Google Page Rank of 4, but I really don’t get that much traffic, much as I would like to believe other wise.… Read the rest

William Burroughs Auto Text Bot or The Anti-Google !

I have a lot of blogs these days, to test out the medium, play around, test SEO in real time. I have been plating with some of my incoming spam from my spam folder, marveling at how the spammers have been creating amazing ‘quasi-text’, that reads quite well. There is some internal logic that the spammers have hit on, mining text form the entire internet and running it through some sort of ‘Anti-Google’, a text ‘blender’ as you will that grabs random text from all over the web and ‘blenderizes’ it into a strangely coherent form. I have been trying to achieve this, and failing miserably. In my search for an effective ‘Anti-Google’ I found this: Link


“Taking their inspiration from the philosophy of sampling, William Burroughs’ cut-up technique, Jeff Noon’s “Cobralingus” project and too many long nights spent on music mixing desks, art-text-terrorists the Lazarus Corporation have created an online mixing desk – for writing.… Read the rest