CryptoCurrency Market Capitalization Websites and Apps

Some options for replacing CoinMarketCap:

I use the CoinCap app on my phone and it has been a great tool:
Coincap iPhone
Coincap Android

Understanding Crypto Market Basics

Here’s The Fundamental Bitcoin Valuation Metric That Determines The Cryptocurrency’s Price Moves

A Simple Macroeconomic Model of Bitcoin

PayPal’s Wences Casares: ‘I Can Imagine A World In Which Bitcoin Becomes A Global Standard Of Value’

Guide to Valuing Cryptocurrency: How to Value a Cryptocurrency Due diligence is a must

Cryptoasset Valuations

Ask anyone where they go to compare cryptocurrency valuations and straight as a flash they’ll reply “Coinmarketcap” (CMC). It is by far the dominant price checking site in the cryptosphere, with Alexa making it the 44th most popular site in the US. For all its might, over-reliance on a centralized data repository has its drawbacks, and goes against the very principles of the decentralized ecosystem.… Read the rest

Recent Bitcoin News 11/2/2014

BITCOINRecent Bitcoin news that is important.

This guy Faisal Khan is a consultant of some sort, charges $750 an hour and seems pretty smart.

This guy Faisal Khan recommends this company, as they have all the paperwork done:

Not sure where I am going with this, but I wanted you to read this new info which is being driven by the Bitcoin License under consideration by NY State.

Bitcoin may be volatile but has value beyond price point USATODAY

Major privacy group warns New York against Bitcoin law overreach

Privacy advocates blast New York financial regulators over Bitcoin licensing scheme the rest

Bitcoin Research 1-28-14


Marc Andreessen’s article is detailed and from my perspective and current research absolutely spot on. I have been hovering on the fence with my gut and intellectual insight and his piece has pretty much sealed the deal for me.  Now I have to figure out how I can get the money together to buy my first ‘bitcoin miner’ and pay for the initial production costs, including hiring a programmer and paying for the start-up production overhead.

A freind of mine I pinged last week in an email with links and details outlining the current challenges of bitcoin mining wrote back:

“…between $770 & $1100 each???????”

My reply:

“That is the figure, seems to be stabilizing a little at this point, not something I follow obsessively, that road leads to madness.… Read the rest