Girl Talk Rules !

OK – I have been so desparate as of late to find new music out there – since the radio is officially DEAD, and the RIAA has shifted it’s business strategy to suing the fans out there instead of producing decent music or bands – and iTunes has become cluttered with BAD POP and lame talentless fools – there seems to be missing, a place where one can actually finde decent new music. Look, I am working online and in from of a hot monitor 8 – 12 – 16 hours a day – I need a steady stream of ‘listenable music’ – Look, I am perfectly willing to buy music to listen to, it’s just that ‘the pulse’ of our kulture – Like when you were able to listen to the radio and actually discover great music, because some DJ would actually find something new at a club or a cocert, and place it over the radio so otheres could here – those days are long gone, dead Dead DEAD, killed by the greed and payola of the recording industry – sorry fior the rant here – it has just been vry frustrating – ure – when I hear something I like, I will go over to Itunes and buy it, but iTunes only lets you listen to 30 secs of any given song – and I like my music long – I like to listen to songs fer a while – I actually used to buy albums, then CDs at the records stores, until the recording industry started to create an ‘A’ an ‘B’ side, then lets the rest of the album go to shit – I am starting to sound like an old fart, but I mean, REALLY !… Read the rest

T-Mobile claims to own the rights for the use of magenta !

Would you like to join RECLAIM MAGENTA!?

The German telecom company T-Mobile is claiming the color magenta! We have to stop them! T-Mobile started sueing Dutch companies which use magenta in print and commercial campaigns. They already sued Compello and they are urging “Slam FM” and “100% NL” to quit using magenta as well! T-Mobile claims to own the rights for the use of magenta! They claim to have the rights registered at OAMI which is completely bonkers, in this way they claim to own the rights of Magenta over whole Europe! Everyone should be allowed to use magenta anywhere, anytime! It’s part of the colorspectrum and the colorspectrum should always be free! Its time to smack some sense into T-Mobile! Here we can start off with a petition for reclaiming Magenta.… Read the rest

SeeMingLee !

“Continuing to push technology’s limitations to solve complex business and design challenges in powerful integrated ways” – SeeMingLee 07


photo © SeeMingLee

Who is this enigmatic man who seems to be everywhere all at once ? Since one of the main topics of my rather eclectic blog is Flickr, I think there is a good place to start. Link Pictured above is one of his breathtaking photographs of the Manhattan Bridge from his Flickr account, used slightly outside the scope of the Flickr TOS, just to keep you on this page. The hyperlink will take you to his account.

SeeMingLee is spread across a number of the social networks like I am, and I am impressed. He has harnessed the power of possibility, and I hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.… Read the rest

OMG ! NFK ! No Future Krew !

No Future Krew from Steve Nemsick on Vimeo.

These guys take it all the way ! I found Motoyan through one of my Flickr contacts, and these guys are just Outta Kontrol !

Confirmed New Viral Madness on YouTube. These guys are SERIOUS !

Tokyo bikers tear the stripes off the streets. No Future Krew is a group of bikers that puts all the B.S. aside to ride.

youtube link

flickr link … Read the rest

Freinds and Other Web 2.0 Things

Some of mu recent blogs and friends across the Web. I have been creating WordPress Blogs with my fiends Mickey and JC. I suppose SEO boils down to a certain amount of shameless self promotion, but that is marketing for ya !

Some of my Faves:

Shhexy Corin Rocks !
Shhexxy Corin On Flickr
Billy Warhol
Church Street Art Blog
Jericho Valley Inn
Kit Latham’s Blog
Kit Latham Photography
Kit Latham on Flickr
Penguins United
SEO / SEM Marketing
Berkshire Web WizardsRead the rest

Learning about Outsider Art

It is a vague concept. What is outsider art. Outsider art in the recent past was more about artists who created work in circumstances removed from the influence of the mainstream of society, much like the people found in Appalachia who has been cut off from society by the geography of rugged mountains and inaccessible box valleys (Hollows).

I remember hearing songs from these isolated peoples, the old English speech inflections preserved in purer form that could be found in England.

Micheal Ulick, the one of the gallery owners of ChurchStreetArt in Lenox Massachusetts, commented to me the other day how finding ‘true’ outsider artists was maybe no longer possible, due the the intense influence that the current media saturation was having on the American Culture.… Read the rest

Outsider art is really just the drek produced by drunk depressed peasants.

Well, this Blog looks like absolute shite right now. I am working out my personal issues as I crack the knuckles and dust off the keys and start working in HTML, PHP and the native tongue of this wacky and robust blog platform.

Since no one will read it for a while, until I get the Google adwords links routed, I really don’t care !

*ponders screen*

Flickr is a lot more fun, but this is a paying gig. Whatever…

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