The Best Movies on Netflix Just Right Now – June 2017

The Best Movies on Netflix Just Right Now – June 2017

Well, it has been a long time since the last post on this website.  It shows where I am at these days, struggling to deal with my news addiction over the last 24 months and the astounding weirdness of the phenomenon called Trump, his ignorant, racist followers and the sociopaths of the GOP.  Gah

It has been such that I have not been able to participate in just watching TV shows and films as easily as I could before Trump became president. How can you casually watch a comedy, drama, thriller when your beloved country is not only burning, but being flushed down the toilet at the same time. There is an image for you.

Anyway, I have been attempting my own personal news blackouts over the last few months, attempting to wrest my emotional away from the narcotic news cycle, not to great avail.

So I am posting links to four different websites reviews of what they consider the top one hundred movies on Netflix at this time, June 2017.

I am going to put this link to this post onto my slack account so that I have a go to place to remind myself that there are places to escape the Trump News Cycle 120 minutes at a time:

The 100 Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

The 100 Best Movies on Netflix (June 2017)

The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now (June 2017)

Best Netflix movies to watch now (June 2017)

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