Social Media + Search Trends 5/5/2015 Research

Mobile App Usage Trumps Web Browsing at 94 Minutes a Day [Data]

The Mobile Browser Is Dead, Long Live The App

App Analytics & Marketing Blog

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Search

Why Responsive Websites: Responsive vs. Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps

10 Ways Google’s Hummingbird Will Shape Future SEO and Content Marketing

Forget Facebook Likes: 10 Alternatives to Grow Your Business Online

Desktop & Mobile: One Content Strategy to Rule Them All

Re-targeting on Facebook

Facebook Exchange

How Google’s Latest “Panda” Algorithm Should Change Your Content Strategy
Facebook Exchange (FBX)
Facebook Exchange & Ads API in One Platform
Achieve ROI objectives at scale using FBX in conjunction with prospecting and custom audience targeting through the native Facebook Ads API.

5 Myths of the Facebook Exchange (FBX), Demystified

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Compare Google ROI to Facebook ROI

Google Apps vs. Office 365: Why Google Will Win the Enterprise

Anders Pink

Why Responsive Websites: Responsive vs. Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps

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Facebook’s external advertising network has more than reach — it has customer loyalty

Mobile Apps for Museums –

Right place, right time. That’s the power of the Google Display Network

Google Reveals YouTube’s Long-Term Strategy

Statistics on mobile usage and adoption to inform your mobile marketing strategy

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