Frank Schirrmacher, German Newspaper Publisher, RIP

Frank Schirrmacher
Frank Schirrmacher, German Newspaper Publisher, Dies at 54

How Powerful is Game Theory? Part 1 – A Satanic Game?
Ego von Frank Schirrmacher
The Elite Look Down on Democracy by Jens Berger and Hans Springstein
Wednesday May 15th, 2013 4:24 AM


The thought-models of the economy have conquered practically all other social sciences. The person in these models is a homo oeconomicus, a rational agent whose only drive is maximizing his benefits. In this view of the person, only an action with the driving force of egoism is rational. The rational action of individuals who must sell themselves on the labor market has an irrational moment. People carry out repressions that they cannot see because of the irrationality of the whole. The conservative editor of FAZ caused a sensation when he said “the left may be right.”

In his new book “Ego – The Game of Life,” Frank Schirrmacher, co-editor of FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung) newspaper, casts a revealing glance at the operating system of capitalism. Schirrmacher sets the software of this operating system in the center of his reflection. This software is built on the model of egoistic persons, steers the linked markets of the financial system and is already dissolving democracy. Hopefully Schirrmacher’s book will arouse further discussion on the nature of modern capitalism. We can only change the operating system when we understand it.

4.0 von 5 Sternen Stimulating argument Fantasy 18 February 2013
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This review is from: Ego: The Game of Life (Hardcover)

It’s back. Frank Schirrmacher has done it again all the way up on the bestseller lists: Between “Crossfire”, “Fit without equipment” and “Shades of Grey”, his new litter in the debates ring.

Much has been and is attacked as Citizen Kane of West Germany’s high-feature articles, regularly mocked for his apocalyptic rhetoric, which always gives the impression that here and now, a new era begins – and we would not have noticed it if FS did not tell us. This sound is far beyond good and evil: a trademark.

The financial, banking and stock market crises have often led to civil contrition. The Left had “had in many ways right” in their criticism of neoliberalism, Schirrmacher announced some time ago. The features section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, which he presides, seems to make the sign of the crisis, at least in the political boil values ??is a watershed by Carl Barks to Karl Marx, one might say shortened. Hardly surprising in any case that is now already Jakob Augstein ranschmust to Schirrmacher.

“Ego” continues this line: It’s a kind of near-conspiracy theory whose charm as usual is in conspiracy theories is that they can be facts and events do not appear in Allerweltlicht but translucent background makes for a world of ominous power brokers. In short: In the fifties, “in the cold of the arms race”, an image of man, a new formulation of the old idea of ??”homo economicus” was “of military and economists” designed – the utility maximizers, the man of the game theory, always on its advantage is considered nothing more than pursuing his own interest, which can be reduced to a formula.

Meanwhile, “number 2” (so Schirrmacher formula for this model creature) have long since left the think tanks and had entered like a monster-parasite into real social life. The neo-liberal economics, the stock exchanges, the computerization, the Internet, on which we depend – all part of the disaster context, which has engulfed working and leisure environment.

That sounds semi-intriguing, half-dragged in long hair. More importantly, Schirrmacher detailed and polemical a “brave new world” painted on this basis, on the wall, in which people are always predictable and manipulatable. This is not new, but here various aspects of the development are presented interesting. Just a quote about the phrase “lifelong learning”: “So is ‘lifelong learning’, the so-rested and tranquil sounds, often exactly the opposite of what one associates with it: the ability to constantly unlearn, to what one yesterday believed, even his own identity. ”

Schirrmacher also makes attention to this country little known theories and discourses that play a particularly important role in the Anglo-Saxon countries. The fact that Bram Stoker’s vampire classic “Dracula” has a lot to do with the financial markets of the late 19th century – like are highlights that Schirrmacher tosses in each chapter and that I find interesting.

I expect from this author no Fake science literature in which every sentence is hedged. Others can do better. Schirrmacher’s books are provocative, suggestive incantations, rampant, feral ESSAYS in the sense of the trial and the trials Rischen. There are arguments fantasies that work with images and thoughts games and draw inspiration from current stacks, but often remote property, literature and many conversations with important contemporaries, including one as FAZ publisher has the opportunity to chains of association and daring updates. Some acts inflated, some nonsensical, but then fascinating, illuminating glades are struck by the frightening chaos of today’s existence again. Stimulating and challenging it should be – and that’s it.

Kondolenzbuch für FAZ-Herausgeber Schirrmacher
2.0 von 5 Sternen “Beautiful new (digital) world” – a critique of society, 4 March 2013
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This review is from: Ego: The Game of Life (Hardcover)
The mental models of the economy dominate the social sciences. The complete commodification of the world is becoming a reality. Frank Schirrmacher speaks of “economic imperialism.” Support for this war of conquest by sophisticated strategies (game theory) that have developed during the Cold War for reasons of military defense and poured into computer programs clever physicist and mathematician.

The underlying ego-strategies are now being used in more developed programs, including both public and cause the person submits to the implemented rules and must submit. The result is a based on selfishness momentum that is no longer controllable, especially since we are dealing with a company as (evolutionary) actors. Systems increasingly form the people.

Schirrmacher author chooses a narrative form that makes it to the interested reader is not easy to understand his message for his request. Undoubtedly, the issue could be comprehensible and briefer than in a mixed form of non-fiction, novel and science fiction. It is no coincidence that memories of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and other socially critical works are awake. Schirrmacher warns of a social nightmare scenario.

The structure of the book is reminiscent of a hologram. In the first chapter one facet of the problem is formulated blurred and each subsequent chapter means that the overall picture is taking shape, but without being really sharp. There is no stringent building recognizable but Schirrmacher jumps from chapter to chapter, repeats itself, can incorporate historical knowledge and sketched a bleak picture.

The person is a victim of his own techniques and strategies. The economization has won. Can this scenario be broken? The individual must override systems and digital decision-making, human again. This implies conscious decisions against optimized ego strategies, a rebellion against computer-based spiritual poverty. The price is high, it consists of irrationality and vulnerability. Schirrmacher try to alarm through this book, stimulate discussions. It is a reminder.

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