Search + Mobile Marketing Research 5-20-14

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We are going to see a huge increase in location-based marketing. With the rapid proliferation of devices, and the explosion of the Internet of Things, people will be carrying, utilizing, and depending on their devices more than ever. As part of the increased dependency, there is an increased expectation of services and personalization.

The social, mobile web has digitized information and allowed us all to connect with anyone, anywhere. When we need information, we can find it instantly. But digital disruption is about more than just information. As brands, we need to kill promotional marketing messages and start providing customer-centric information that is helpful to our target customers.

Smartphones and tablets have effectively become the center—and integrating components—of consumers’ multiplatform lives. In that sense, though, mobile is more than “the new desktop.” It has a role with far greater significance than simply serving as a substitute computing device. This shift is reflected in quantitative terms—in the amount of time consumers spend on their mobile devices on a daily basis—and qualitatively in the way these devices have effectively become the remote control for consumers’ lives and work.

This shift has also affected the path to purchase in dramatic ways. And that is, and will continue to be, hugely disrupting for marketing. Consumers’ ubiquitous connectivity now means they are, in effect, always in the consideration phase for purchasing something and rarely more than a tap away from jumping from a physical store to a virtual store, or from one online merchant to another. Consciously or not, consumers today are always in the market for something. As a result, marketers need to try and continually engage prospective buyers to consider their brand, product or store, whether the purchase ultimately takes place in a digital or physical venue.

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Psychographics are attributes often related to personality, values, attitudes, or interests. Figuring out what a person likes or dislikes, or even favorite hobbies, can be priceless information as you market your products or services, because the more you know about your ideal audience, the better you can create marketing messages that will grab their attention and encourage them to take action.

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