So how’s that “Trickle Down” working?

wealth will trickle down

On Jan. 1, Social Security payroll taxes rose 2 percentage points after a temporary tax cut expired. That sliced about $1,000 from the annual take-home pay of a household earning $50,000.

Isn’t that what these companies have been asking for? Make all those “entitled” people in the working class who want “government hand outs” pay more so we can protect the tax cuts for the super wealthy CEO’s of these same companies.

So how’s that “Trickle Down” working? Not enough “Trickle Down” to keep your customers coming in? Maybe you can do like Papa John and raise the price of your products and put all your employees on part time to decrease their benefits, let them go on Medicaid., but whatever you do don’t decrease your profits and don’t give the workers anymore spending power. It’s much more important for the CEO to have a 22 car garage at his 20,000 sq. Ft. home than it is for your employees to have more than they need to exist or for you business to have customers. Keep wages low and profits high forever it’s a winning formula.

You got your “Supply Side Economy” where the supplier dictates the market in your new “Free Market” economy. What you didn’t get as a result of concentrating wealth in a handful of families is a viable customer base.

Who would have thought the joy ride on the backs of your fellow citizens would ever end?   Link to Comment

Darden Restaurants Blames Sliding Sales On Higher Payroll Taxes Huffington Post

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