Party of Corporate, Ruling Class Shills

Party of corporate, ruling class shills
One point must also be raised about these so-called Republicans (whose very name is ironic and a lie) – they willfully engineered the theft of both “elections” that put Bush and Cheney and their appalling cronies into power. In addition, they make a mockery of the electoral system by their continued efforts at gerrymandering districts so that they will prevail despite the fact that the changing demographics of this country are against them.

The whole idea of a “bi-partisan” Congress and government has been destroyed by this party of corporate, ruling class shills. With the help of the corporate media whose agenda they also represent, this pattern will continue to the detriment of our country. While Americans remain paranoid of exaggerated threats to the “Homeland” the real threat to our country comes from these anti-democratic, corrupt and intellectually bankrupt zealots of the Right.

This is late-stage capitalism and late Rome all rolled up into a frightening package and I frequently despair for my country when I see how militaristic and inhumane it is becoming.

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