The GOP is responsible to it’s own self destruction

The GOP is responsible to it’s own self destruction, and here’s to hoping that happens sooner rather than later.

Over the last 4 years the Republicans have been the party of NO, have been completely hijacked by the ultra extreme right, and has successfully purged all the moderate Republicans from their midst.

Reason, logic and intelligence has left the GOP building. You have to look no further than who was running in the 2012 GOP presidential primary to realize that the Republicans are rudderless and currently have no real leader, let alone anyone capable of framing a vision for the future of this country.

Just look at the evidence this last fall, the GOP party platform as defined in the GOP convention 2012 is tone deaf to the desires + needs of the majority of the American Public. Also, just watch the footage of who is in the crowd at each respective convention and compare the GOP to the DNC. The crowd at the GOP convention is almost all white, the DNC convention crowd are all the colors of the rainbow.

The United States, traditionally a land of immigrants, is on the verge of historic change, with non-Caucasian Americans poised to become the majority in the coming decades. Obama’s recent victory has already shown how demographic shifts will change the political landscape.

In the face of this reality, the GOP is headed in the wrong direction if it wants to have any chance of staying relevant going into the future. California should be the Republican Party’s cautionary tale.

I agreed, that balance is essential in order for our Government to be effective and work in the long run, but the extremism, obstructionism and willful ignorance being displayed now the Republican Party is mind numbingly short sighted.

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