Advertising Agencies have abandoned creativity on the Web

Creative Agencies Have Abandoned the Web
“Most ads are ugly, tasteless, lie-filled, loud, ignorant, condescending wastes of time built by people who are amoral, manipulative and intellectually under-endowed.”

“to use creativity to triggers emotions in order to convert an idea into an action. No amount of algorithms or trickery is going to overcome the fact that creativity and scarcity will drive more actions than any machine learning… we have abandoned this basic principal and have created the problem ourselves. Focus on the experience and people will embrace.”

“If you want my attention, show me good, funny, informative ads..”

This is the crux of the biscuit here. When it comes to online marketing + advertising, agencies abandoned creativity in the pursuit of aggregate data. Funny, creative, ironic, intelligent ads on the web are few and far between. It is not for no reason that the Old Spice commercial which originated as a TV ads became one of the most popular ads on the Web, it was brilliant, funny, sexy and the appeal crossed many demographic lines.
(Four Old Spice Ads Make YouTube’s List of Most Popular Ads of 2012)

Great advertizing takes creative talent, vision + commitment. The advertising agencies have not focused key resources to produce effective advertizing on the Web. 99% of the ads on the Web are utter crap. They do not create any incentive to engage on any level. Your attempt to blame ad blockers is disingenuous, you argument claiming ad blocking is stealing is bizarre and an example of ‘lazy logic’.

When was the last time you actually clicked a banner ad? Recent stats on banner ads show that it is more likely to be hit by a meteorite than to get a user to click a banner ad.

Privacy issues aside, the ‘old skool’ advertizing + marketing model is as dead as a proverbial doornail.

Ad Blocking: Theft Or Fair Use?

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