Boycott GoDaddy Now!

BoyCott GoDaddy Now
“Go Daddy customers were being encouraged to transfer their domain names away from the company as a result of its strong support for the proposed SOPA bill. SOPA is particularly relevant to the domain name industry as it calls for American ISPs to block domains of sites determined to be facilitating piracy.

However Go Daddy, via outspoken general counsel Christine Jones, was the only domain registrar to strongly publicly back the proposed legislation. When the boycott gathered steam on Reddit last week, several competitors came out against SOPA and offered Go Daddy customers discounts to transfer their domains.”

“Executive vice-president of GoDaddy, Christine Jones, claimed during the interview that the suggested legislation would be protecting the intellectual property of hard-working US citizens, businesses and the public from the harm necessarily flowing from the purchase of fake goods. However, the industry observers believe that the service will change its mind after the entertainment industry demands GoDaddy to shut down for hosting something regarded as unauthorized material. The matter is that the new legislation doesn’t actually require anyone to provide any proof. That’s why GoDaddy is in a minority, not only of tech firms, but also public, in supporting this bill – even President Obama has said that he would veto it if it gets that far. However, GoDaddy claims that the United States can’t turn a blind eye to unauthorized conduct on the Internet.” ~  Hosting Outfit GoDaddy Betrayed Its Customers

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