SkyLine ~ Disappointing Hostile Alien Invasion from Space

Skyline The Movie

As of late, one of my rants has been about the end of the world. The two choices I present are “Hostile Alien Invasion from Space” or “Virus Infected Zombie Hordes”. My vote for the hope of the planet leans towards “Hostile Alien Invasion from Space”, thinking that at least of would get rid of the current leadership vacuum in Washington DC as well as the bulk of the population of Earth, leaving the few innovative plucky survivors to defeat the Hostile Alien Invaders. Through this devastating process , humans would pull off a technological leapfrog and take off to explore the galaxy.

SkyLine The Movie, does none of this, being a laughably bad B SciFi film. If I had checked the reviews on the Web before I dashed out to see the film I would have saved myself $15. But when I watched the trailer, I was smitten by the belief that someone was onto something good. Boy, was I wrong. See it for laughs.

Hilarious Reviews of SkyLine the Movie on Rotten Tomatoes

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