Girl Talk Rules !

OK – I have been so desparate as of late to find new music out there – since the radio is officially DEAD, and the RIAA has shifted it’s business strategy to suing the fans out there instead of producing decent music or bands – and iTunes has become cluttered with BAD POP and lame talentless fools – there seems to be missing, a place where one can actually finde decent new music. Look, I am working online and in from of a hot monitor 8 – 12 – 16 hours a day – I need a steady stream of ‘listenable music’ – Look, I am perfectly willing to buy music to listen to, it’s just that ‘the pulse’ of our kulture – Like when you were able to listen to the radio and actually discover great music, because some DJ would actually find something new at a club or a cocert, and place it over the radio so otheres could here – those days are long gone, dead Dead DEAD, killed by the greed and payola of the recording industry – sorry fior the rant here – it has just been vry frustrating – ure – when I hear something I like, I will go over to Itunes and buy it, but iTunes only lets you listen to 30 secs of any given song – and I like my music long – I like to listen to songs fer a while – I actually used to buy albums, then CDs at the records stores, until the recording industry started to create an ‘A’ an ‘B’ side, then lets the rest of the album go to shit – I am starting to sound like an old fart, but I mean, REALLY ! –

That Rant said – I am going to but up a bunch of videos of songs but this wacky mash-up guy – Girl Talk – brilliant stuff – GIRL TALK !

Just donated $7.50 to download his latest ‘Feed the Animals’

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