Heard on Slashdot !

I have been a Slashdot fan for a while now, and these guys are just a STITCH. Sometimes they get going on a riff and the results are laugh out loud funny.

I am posting this ‘repost’ to illustrate, the link at the bottom will take you to the original material.

Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Friday June 27, @03:12PM
from the new-swimming-holes dept.
Earth Science
phobos13013 writes “Recently released evidence is showing the North Pole ice is melting at the highest rate ever recorded. As a result, the Pole may be completely ice-free at the surface and composed of nothing but open water by September. As reported in September of last year, the Northwest Passage was ice-free for the first time known to man. The implications of this, as well as the causes, are still being debated. Are global warming experts just short-sighted alarmists? Are we heading for a global ice age? Or is the increase in global mean temperature having an effect on our planet?”

The Polar Bears. No place to go any more.

But lack of polar bears is good for seals. screw those polar bears and their radical bear agenda!

But lack of seals is good for cod. screw those seals and their radial seal agenda!

Those seals are not radial! They exhibit bilateral symmetry!

Note: the above is a marine biology joke. If you have not majored in Marine Biology, please go back to college and complete enough courses until the above is funny in context.

Ohhhh yeah… studied Marine Biology have you? Well then… answer me this:

What do Walruses and Tupperware have in common?

…they both like a tight seal!

sorry…last day, won’t be here all week =(

And, plankton take solar energy and convert it into stored food energy.

So, Global Warming = Less Polar Bears = More Seals = Less Cod = More Plankton = More Solar Conversion = Global Cooling!!!!

Who cares if humans get wiped out?


… what does seal taste like?

It’s kind of gamey… like spotted owl and bald eagle…. 😀

They live in areas around which, according to the article, have plenty of ice…

Damn…That must be why my freezer keeps growling at me.

No, thats the half eaten carton of Ben and Jerry’s from 1997, clean out your damn fridge..


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