HushMail – Not so Hush – Ouch !

Privacy takes another hit. HushMail is a product that allows users to encrypt their email and trust that their correspondence is private. I have had a paid HushMail account for a couple of years now, and even when I messed up on changing my password, I was not able to get access to my HushMail account. Of course, I was using the downloaded javascript based applet, not to the new improved HushMail where the java applet resides on the HushMail servers out of Canada. From Wired, a well research article:

“Our policy is that we only release user information under court order from a court of British Columbia.

When a US agency requires information, they have to work in co- operation with Canadian authorities. While I’m not legal counsel, I believe that most of this is handled through the Mutual Legal Assistance (MLAT) process. From our perspective, the end result is always a Canadian court order. We comply fully with Canadian court orders, so long as they apply to specifically identified accounts as opposed to broad data collection.” Link

“The court revelation demonstrates a privacy risk in a relatively-new, simple webmail offering by Hushmail, which the company acknowledges is less secure than its signature product.”

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