T-Mobile claims to own the rights for the use of magenta !

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The German telecom company T-Mobile is claiming the color magenta! We have to stop them! T-Mobile started sueing Dutch companies which use magenta in print and commercial campaigns. They already sued Compello and they are urging “Slam FM” and “100% NL” to quit using magenta as well! T-Mobile claims to own the rights for the use of magenta! They claim to have the rights registered at OAMI which is completely bonkers, in this way they claim to own the rights of Magenta over whole Europe! Everyone should be allowed to use magenta anywhere, anytime! It’s part of the colorspectrum and the colorspectrum should always be free! Its time to smack some sense into T-Mobile! Here we can start off with a petition for reclaiming Magenta.

Kasper Kuijpers Link to public group

So I got this in my private email on the creative network Behance, which I have been a member of since they launched over the summer. Since I follow IP, copyright and patent issues on TechDirt and Slashdot, I am fascinated by the notion that corporations are attempting to copyright, patent and trademark everything under the sun. This is the first I have heard that they are claiming IP rights over colors.

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