Tarky7.com under attack from Poland !

I think I am up to about 200 registered users as of late from various URL’s located in Poland. Since I am pretty active online and respond to alerts from various blogs and websites, mine and my clients, I am able to respond fairly quickly when it comes to invaders from the deep ether.

action webmaster@action.pl
cowabunga seo@intelinstal.pl
dk2007 dk2007@o2.pl
globaltc m.stankiewicz@globaltc.eu
hala1945 woojciechk@o2.pl
iguana deio@o2.pl
intelinstal spamiarnia@gmail.com
jakim ja-kim@02.pl
marti_hi666 mr230261@tenbit.pl
mat230_111 rox_1990@o2.pl
molo presbloger@interia.eu
neidi neidi@poczta.fm
spamiarnia2 spamiarnia2@gmail.com

Just a sample of some of the recent user registrations I have received and deleted. Now, I am not sure what the appeal was that started these various Poles to start targeting “Nom De Guerre’ for this. I have a Google Page Rank of 4, but I really don’t get that much traffic, much as I would like to believe other wise.

Perhaps it has become an ego thingy straight from 6th grade. The more I delete, the more they bring in on !

Hey guys from dot PL, if you are reading this blog, give a rest !


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