Verizon – Shame on You !

Seen on TechDirt: Verizon Wireless To Hand Over Your Info To Advertisers Unless You Opt Out?

“Jeff A. writes to let us know that Verizon Wireless is trying to change its policy on what it can do with your calling record info. Basically, it sounds like they want to start selling it to marketers, so they had to change their terms of service. What they did was send customers a letter telling them they had 30 days to call and opt-out of this new plan to hand over your calling records, or you’d have automatically accepted their changed terms of service and Verizon Wireless could hand over the info to advertisers. Of course, many people will probably just see this as junk mail and toss it out, not realizing that they’ve just agreed to get a lot more advertising sent their way — and, more importantly, opened up access to (what they thought were) their own private phone records.”

I am totally appalled ! I have always liked Verizon, on some level. But releasing my private information to sell to marketers is just bad form.

Scum !

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