Google Mobile coming soon !

Living in a beautiful New England location has many drawbacks, one of them being that the local telcos are so ridiculously backwards, a vestigial tail of days gone by.

For instance, for me to make a phone call 5 miles down the road in the same state, one town over, is a long distance call. Crazy and absurd.

The other thing is boggles the mind are the phone books. Since 5 miles away is a long distance call, I also require an additional phone book to locate businesses in that town. Add this to the fact that I live in a tri-state area, and it shows what is antiquated business model for the Yellow Pages has become. Not for the various companies that publish the Yellow Pages, but for the businesses that pay to advertise in the Yellow Pages. usi

These days, I don’t even bother to call 411 and get charged an absurd $1.50, I use Google. If the business cannot be found on Google, then I find someone else who has what I need. In a tri-state area such as mine, the Yellow Pages are irrelevant, and I begin to understand the power of using Google for my search in a cell phone. That is a service I would even pay for, although, it would have to be far less than $1.50 per search.

Makes me start seeing the potential in having a Google cell phone, or a Google wifi phone. AT&T and Verizon, take a hike !

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