Social Trends for September

This was an interesting item that popped up from my iGoogle feed, ironic, I never considered the personalized Google page to be ‘Social Networking’ but apparently in stats it’s considered thus:

Found on Tech Crunch

On the bookmarking side, in September Google commanded a 17.0 percent share of all Web bookmarking activity, followed by native-browser bookmarking (i.e., “Favorites”) with a 16.1 percent share.

Social Trends for September

Here are the trends for September. The first graph shows the evolution of the ranking for the top 10 social bookmarking services.

A comment excerpted from the addthis blog:

Steve Ballmer

October 15th, 2007 at 9:18 am

“Must I say it again? All of this “Social” stuff is just a fad, a passing fancy, bellbottoms, flattops, Mac computers, …. It will soon be a distant memory and all that’s left of it will be the Microsoft Cloud !”



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