Semiotics vs. Semantics

from: Toward a Semantic Web

“At this point, nearly every Web designer that learns about microformats starts using them,” Tantek Çelik, chief technologist at Technorati and co-founder of, told “Because microformats require only some HTML authoring ability, millions of Web authors and designers are able to use them immediately. This is a much lower barrier to entry than many previous Web technologies, such as XML and RSS, which require the skills of a programmer.” -Tantek Çelik

September 21, 2007
Microformats: Toward a Semantic Web
By Sean Michael Kerner

Found on Twitter Microformat’s Twitter Account.

Meanwhile, I have enabled ‘Operator’ a Firefox Plugin created by Mike Kaply, and now, just the last few minutes I am surfing the web with it enabled, wow ! Kinda like the scene from John Carpenter’s 1988 movie They Live ! , Roddy Piper, putting the sunglasses on and seeing a new world, only this one is positive.

Really hooked now !

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