Enjoying the Twitter Experience

I have been having a good time using Twitter lately. Lots of cool people, throwing out info about the daily minutiae of their lives. Being online all the time during the work week and beyond, it is nice to have a little SMS type broadcast device for the Wild West that is the Web.

I was remarking to someone today how Twitter is like having your own personal live PR feed to the internet, cause in Twitter your can broadcast relevant links, combined with Tiny URL, it makes for a powerful tool.

After I first started using Twitter, I was re-doing my ancient photography site, and I put into Google my name. EGADS ! I saw all my Twitter thingys all over the first page of Google. I quickly changed my real name in my settings, and re-thought how silly I was going to allow myself to go.

I am hoping the spammer types are not going to get a hold of this information, cause it could bring down the whole Twitter network, or whatever it is.

It id pretty awesome, even though Twitter is not a syndicated PR feed, the fact that it can be used to broadcast relevant links, coupled with the way Google currently appears to index Twitters ‘broadcast’ brings up some interesting ideas.

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