Tantek, XFN, Matt Mullenweg, and Microformats


XFN is an amazing concept, and after looking at the incredible Page Rank of these various URLs, and not a theoretical one.

I first heard about Tantek when someone posting a thing on Digg about putting the term ‘Tantek’ into Flickr’s search engine, and finding all these pictures of this Uber Geek looking guy with all these hot geek intelligentsia babes. It you looked at the photo stream from the search you are looking a some sort of geek-tech-babe-magnet.

So I made him a contact a while back, not knowing who the hell he was. Fast forward to about 8 months ago, when I discovered Blue Host through the recommended Word Press.org hosting lists, that let to the Open Source auto loader Fantastico, which let to the top of my head being blown off and finding myself slinging hosted Word Press blogs built primarily for the ease of use, CMS and ,most of all, the stunning indexing potential + power with the search engines. (ridiculous sentence there 😉

What is my point ? The point I am trying to make, is that, over the last 8 months, I have immersed myself in WordPress though building the things for clients. There has been some shift, a profound one, in my understanding of this emerging technology.

The word ‘Semantic’ for instance. Like the word ‘relevance’, which I never used years ago. Google changed all that, fer sure. Kind of like the word ‘obfuscate’, you never heard that one before the Bush Administration came to power. Semantic as it relates to HTML, CSS, metatdata and the deeper structures in the application Word Press.

GMPG Efforts , XFN and XFN 1.1 Creator. These three links are filled with some mind boggling technology as it relates to ‘relevant’ linking over the Internet. XHTML Friends Network (XFN) is such a pure concept, very interesting, for the ‘microformat’ is, and I am going to have to quote Wikipedia here, is:

“Microformats emerged as part of a grassroots movement[4] to make recognizable data items, (such as events, contact details or geographical locations), capable of automated processing by software, as well as directly readable by end-users.[4][7] Link-based microformats emerged first. These include vote links that express opinions of the linked page, which can be tallied into instant polls by search engines.[8]” Wiki

Tantek is one of the key players in this initiative,he is also one of the founders of Technorati and the whole full circle thing is pretty exciting. Matt Mullenweg, on the other hand, is the main man behind WordPress, and developed the first version of XFN Creator.

2 thoughts on “Tantek, XFN, Matt Mullenweg, and Microformats

  1. Hey Paula,

    Thanks so much fer takin’ the time to leave your post. That makes perfect sense, for he does appear to me in the demi-god status.

    There is so much information out there, one con focus of tiny pieces of minutia, all the time exploring one small sliver, not having any way of getting a bigger perspective.

    In never Googled Tantek, but now I will. Thanks again !


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