Daria.be is closing !

daria.be will be shutting down on July 31st, 2007.

I am no longer interested in supporting WordPress or WordPress MultiUser. Please export your posts and move to a new site. You can find a list of WordPress Multiuser sites located here. Please be sure that your new site is keeping up to date on their upgrades.

Please note that support is no longer offered for this site.

Please note that abuse in anyway, shape or form directed to me will not be taken.

Thank you for your understanding,

So I went and grabbed all the stuff I had written the Daria.be site and threw them into this post. I tried to find out why he has decided to stop support. Guess the spam finally got to him. Looks like his new site drmikessteakdinner is now a Movable Type blog.

Hey, I found you guys in a desperate search for the Theme Neat!, which seems to have disappeared from the Internet. I was looking to upload that theme to one of my hosted WP Blogs.

I registered with you folks, I like the concept. Thanks for being Visionaries !

It is getting late so I have got to crash, more tomorrow !

Hey !

Well, me mum, she’s got this terrible white poodle named Toby. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and she has decided to do dog boarding for extra cash. Not really boarding, more like paid visiting. I am going to do a website / blog for her and I am in the process doing a logo.

FYI, I hate that little pooch, the last time Toby and I spent anytime together, the little bastard took a bite out of my finger. Needless to say I am not terrible excited about spending any time with the little wretch.

My House Your Dog

I just love WordPress. I have been using some different flavored free blogs over the last couple of years. The experience left me a bit cold.

Then, a couple of months ago, I pitched a client on doing a blog so he could both get the word out to the web, as well as a device to drive interest and traffic to his old html website. I had no desire to waste my time redoing his ancient site, so as a holding pattern I suggested that we do a blog as a place to start.

After checking around, my research pointed to Word Press as the emerging new open source blog platform. I read that many were migrating from moveble Type to WordPress due to the open source attitude. After I got over the initial shock of dusting off my FTP skills and learning what was what, I became an instant fan of WordPress.

Shameless Word Press Fanboy

I am starting to feel a certain amount of a type of connection with people over the Web that is very new to me. Some, who have been using the web to work and play I am sure have an understanding of what I am talking about. I have been able to imagine this feeling, as an idea, or ideal in some of my favorite Science Fiction, Islands in the Net, Bruce Sterling, Crytonomicon, Neil Stevenson, and Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

But in terms of actually having the feeling of connectedness myself, it is new to me. The only way I can articulate it is by describing a fluid feeling between the Virtual and the ‘Brick and Mortar’ world. That the people in my mind on the web and the people in the real world are now the same, that the virtual entities have the same power and placement as the ones I see in from of me.

Boy, this sounds very vague and silly, but as to what I am referring to, it is a break though of sorts…

Learning about life on the Web

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