Busy Busy Busy…


I been busy doing all sorts of stuff online, from my Flickr account to checking out all the silly MySpace ripoffs out there. I was never a big fan of MySpace and it’s Spawn, YouTube anyway, I prefer Flickr. The cult of celebrity just makes my feel so ‘less than’, part of the grand conspiracy of ‘filling the god hole 1010 Amerika’.

That being said, and in the name of hypocrisy, I have now joined Linkshare, which you see the ads on this Tarky7 blog here. Traffic being what is is on the web, and the eclectic nature of this blog, there is little doubt I will get much traffic, but what the hell, I like the ‘blog bling factor’ anyway.

With that note I am going to formally introduce to my very thin, if not nonexistent audience to this here blog, Tarky7, two blog refurbishes I have just completed in the view of Music, House and Trance:

Rave and Remix and Hip MySpace ReMix both focusing on the music scene out there in the wide open ether of the web.

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