The Viral Thingy and Music on the Web


I got an email with a link from my friend Ross Von Burg to the very cool new video of Ellen Allien and Apparat’s Orchestra of Bubbles, Ellen Allien & Apparat – “Way Out” The link goes to a NYC hipster clubbing site called GBH.TV. Unfortunately the quality of the sound on video had some frequency issues, but the images and the music really put the hook in me. So much so, that I tracked doen the creator of the Video, a design group out of Italy called PostoDelleFragole. It was there I found a quicktime video of smaller, but better quality than the one on GBH.

I went to iTunes to buy a copy of the album, but, quess what, iTunes did not have it, so I tracked down the group out of Germany, Ellen Allien’s production company bpitch control. Where is Dieter ? Down in the Squat, Heimlich !

The whole experience was very, very Viral and fun to track it all down. The only place I could find which would sell me the new album was a site called Beat Port. When I was there I found they had a custom player you could build and put on your site, which I did, then I signed up for the affiliate program with BeatPort, cause if it was such a struggle to find such a strong viral hit as Ellen Allien and Apparat’s Orchestra of Bubbles, just by writing this post, it might SEO my site to the top of search in this keyword space.

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