My Statement on my Flickr ‘No Censorship’ post


Wow ! What fun !

If the subject wasn’t so important, I would say this has become an artists party !

But Flickr’s censorship and the heavy handed and Machiavellian attitude has made the situation both a danger and a public relations disaster !

It has been an experience traveling so quickly around the world to visit many many streams that I would not have ever seen before.

The people of Flickr are an amazing collection of talents and intellects. Please do not leave this community, there is real power here, a strong and growing voice and global network which could change many things by focusing some of the passion of the last week to solve important issues.

The Internet must remain FREE ! There are many powers across the Globe that are threatened by an open World Wide Web. Act locally, think globally, make sure the Internet Backbone in your individual country stays NEUTRAL !

Flcikr’s blunder with Germany is a bad thing, but the new found power as a global community is amazing ! Stick it out with Flickr, and we can grow and learn how to use this power !


2 thoughts on “My Statement on my Flickr ‘No Censorship’ post

  1. It’s always tempting to up and leave when something this big happens.
    I’m sticking with it for now, too, for what it’s worth.

  2. Hey Thanks for posting on my blog Polstar*, I really appreciate. With this new group I started I am attempting to widen outward from the Flickr community the ability to gain some traction from our Flcir community. If you have a blog, drop me a link and I will come by and post and link to yours !



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