Flickr Censorship in Germany


The stakes are really not high enough for people really involved with any Flickr community to drop out of Flickr.

It has become like NYC. Sure New York 9 million people, but if you live and work in NYC for any length of time you only really are hanging out with a small subgroup of people that is connected to other small groups.

Over the last couple of years, as Flickr has been toted as one of the key examples of a ‘mature / adult (not porn, not my space)’ example of the Web 2.0 Folksonomy, there have been thousands of of these small groups over users creating groups within groups.

The last round of Censorship in the Flickr Community I jumped in and spent weeks being involved with my little groups, forming ‘Groups’ against the Tyranny of Flickr under Yahoo, yada yada yada. All it did was have people self censor through opt in labels. It got me NIPSA’d for a bunch of my protest images, so I was off Flickr search for almost a year, and I didn’t even have that much ‘naked chic’ pictures, let alone ‘porn’.

People who had meaningful contacts, who likes the ease and use of Flickr, who were involved in discussion on the basis of intelligent aesthetics adapted and stayed. The Hard Core Porn groups, the wife swapping groups, the Mondo Bondo groups, just made themselves “Private” and you had lost of people turning their regular contacts int “Friends’ and “Family”

In the end, at $25. per year, it becomes a moot point. Flickr has great value on a number of different levels and the opportunity to interface with diverse people all over the world on the basis of your snapshots of cats or pussies.

I know that I am coming off like a shameless fanboy here, but I have already been through this battle and I have had to adapt. I have tried Smugmug and all the other ‘photo communities’ and have returned to report that Flickr is unique and powerful enough an experience to just cope with accurately safety tagging my own photos.

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