Moving rapidly towards Joomla !

Well, as the titles says, I have outgrown the WordPress blog application in faily short order and now I am on to WordPress.

Joomla allows for a certain amount of robustness in content production and uploading capabilities, and as of late I have pitched a few new clients and the response has been faily overwhelming.

There is an aspect of ‘Interactive Design’ which has really determined how people interact with websites that has grown over the years that has taken on new meaning in the way I see the overall direction of website design.

Being a huge fan of Myst in the early days of CDRom’s I can safely say that I an not immune to the appeal of a certain amount of intrigue and discovery in the process of ‘walking’ through’ an new and wondrous ‘Virtual World’.  That being said the web has changed into a world where being grounded in the familiar has taken on an appeal all it’s own.  I guess this sounds like it is coming from the ‘if ya can’t beat em, join ’em’ camp, but as a sales tool for engaging people in the notion of ‘website salvage’ becomes an attractive option.

Enter Joomla, a robust and powerful open source driven CMS which allows handing off of content and website management to the client.  I am very excited by the response I have had so far and look forward to really getting a handle on how to use this powerful new application.

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